Growing a Small Business Through Your Bio

Is your bio even important for growing a small business?

Funny, right? What your bio says about you? It should be a no brainer. It talks about you, or does it?

Your bio or your about me page on your website, is one of the most important pages that your entire website has, and is incredibly important in growing a small business.

People want to read about you. They want to start to build some kind of relationship with you and they can do that by reading about you. If there is a connection in some way, they will continue to read on. If not, most likely they will find another site.

Think about your own searching habits and what makes you stay or what makes you leave a site. If people can’t connect with you or feel like there isn’t a real person behind the website, they will move on, which will not help you in growing a small business.

So how do you create a bio or about me page that is compelling? Writing about yourself and telling your story is one of the most difficult things to do. Let’s face it, it can be tough to toot your own horn, or at least to know how loud to toot it!

Ok, so what do you need to do to have your bio help start growing a small business?

Step 1

Take a deep breath. Most likely, you are over thinking what you should be writing. Take a breath and let the thoughts flow.

Step 2

Brainstorm. Don’t just go directly into writing about you. Brainstorm some ideas of what you want to say. What makes you unique? What part of your story do you want to write about? What makes you stand out from your competition? What part of your story will people connect with? What makes you real? What are your accomplishments? Make sure that you don’t over think your responses. Just write whatever comes to mind and then you can filter it later.

Step 3

Highlight your thoughts. After you are done brainstorming, highlight the thoughts that stand out or speak loudly. These are the thoughts that you are going to start writing your bio with.

Step 4

Begin to write. For your bio to help you in growing a small business, your first sentence should speak directly to what you do. Let people know exactly what you do. Don’t have them read between the lines. Spell it out! You can then add information on how you got started in your business, your accomplishments and other sound bites from your brainstorming session.

Step 5

Write in the third person. Make sure you write as if someone was introducing you at an event. Think of the introductions you have heard and how they were presented. This is how you should be writing your bio.

Step 6

Compose 3 versions of your bio. While you are sitting down to write your bio, why not make several versions? You are going to need them for different sites or engagements. Start with your largest one first, around 250 words. Then you can make smaller ones after that, a 100 word and a 25 word bio work best.

Step 7

Enjoy your finished product and the results of growing a small business! Congrats at finishing your bio. Enjoy it and celebrate, because it is not always easy. Make sure you don’t forget to update it often!

If you still need help, send me an email and I can help you out. In fact to kick off the launch of my new business, I’m offering a $25 off special for bios. Ask me how!


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