Vacation Season is Here: Do You Stop Your Business?



Well it is official—summer is here.

Kids are out of school and I'm attempting to have the mindset of business as usual. Yeah, right!

One important milestone for me this summer, is the fact that I'm going on vacation with the family for an entire week!

Yay us, right? Well it should be, but I must admit that I'm freaking out a bit.

I haven't officially taken an entire week away from work since I began my venture as a business owner. Of course I take a day or two here, but 7 days in a row—unheard of in my mind.

I know, I know, you need time to rejuvenate and relax (my inner coach is screaming this to me).

However, I enjoy my business and I work hard at making it successful.

One thing is for sure, heading on vacation while being self employed, certainly feels different then leaving a 'job'.

When we planned our vacation, my initial plan was to take the entire week and unplug.

Now that vacation is knocking on my doorstep, I've altered my plans, just a tad.

I'm an early riser and love my mornings with my coffee and computer. The great thing about my business, is I can work anywhere I want—including the beach!

I've decided to work for two hours each morning, while everyone is quietly sleeping in bed. I will write a little and stay on top of social media. I'm limiting this time to only those two hours.

When the time is up, my computer is closing and I'm unplugging for the rest of the day.

Why am I sharing this with you? Well for one, it is to hold myself accountable to this plan (I know it is going to be tough).

And also, to hear your thoughts about being self employed and vacations.

What have you done in the past and what works for you? I'd love to hear your thoughts below—maybe you'll give me some inspiration.

Anyway, Bon Voyage. Here's to your summer and all it brings! Enjoy!


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