Urgent: Professional Writers Needed For $1-3 an Hour!

Professional Writers Needed

Attention Professional Writers, Web Developers, Graphic Designers and Many Other Business Owners

How often have you run into the ad that states someone is in need your service, but can only pay your a few dollars an hour?

They are everywhere, especially if you go to sites like Guru.com or Freelancer.com.

Many of you know my journey as a writer and how I got my start in the field. For those of you that don't, I started making money as a writer by using these exact sites. At first it was to help supplement my income, but after while I really enjoyed writing, a passion I forgot I had.

As you can imagine, writing several 500 word articles a day for $5 each took up a ton of my time. However, I really didn't mind—I liked having the extra money flowing.

I spent about six months writing at this level. Clients were pleased with my work and there were many repeat customers. Although the articles paid only $5, I took my time and produced the best work I could. After a few months though, the hard work for little pay began to take its toll.

I decided that in order to make a real income from writing I needed to give up the cheap labor and work hard to find well paying clients.

Before I go there though, I need to make sure you understand that I would not change my start as a writer. Although the pay was low, several things happened to me while I was working at this level: I built my confidence in my work and I learned to appreciate the value of the service I provided. I believe that without this experience, I wouldn't be where I am today.

Letting go of cheap labor was both scary and exciting.

However, after I started to see the benefits, my fears were soon laid to rest.

Fast forward to today—I stumbled upon a recommendation to check out the site Odesk.com. Now I've heard of Odesk, and I even have an account set up with them. My experience with this site was similar to the other freelance sites, cheap labor. However, I wasn't on the site recently, so I decided to take a peak.

Of course there were hundreds upon hundreds of people looking for writers, bloggers, copywriters, editors. Great, right? When I first looked, I must say I was a little excited and thought that maybe things turned around. Although, after I dug in a little deeper and began clicking on the jobs, my blood started boiling.

The one that really caught my eye was this: Professional Writers Wanted.

I had to click on that one. I mean at least they understood the idea of hiring a professional, right?

Much to my surprise after I clicked on the job posting, I took note of the payment: $1 for a 500 word article. What?!

Yeah, that is worth my time. I quickly clicked off the site and went back to what I do best—finding clients the good old fashioned way, by picking up the phone or making a connection online.

The point of my story to you today is, regardless of what your business is, don't sell yourself short! You have a service or product to offer that is worth the time and effort you put into it. Change your mindset and believe you are worth it and don't let others tell you something different.

Sure it's easy to sign up for these sites and to find work, but easy isn't the road to success. Pick up the phone, attend an in person networking event, or run a live workshop—If you want success, do what it takes to make it happen.

You may be uncomfortable, but you can do it!!

Have you worked through a situation when you struggled to value your product or service? Share with us below or on Facebook, your success and how you pushed through. Together, we can help each other succeed!


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