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What is holding you back from creating the spiritual business you desire?

Is it …

Lack of clarity?
Something else?

Do you really know what is stopping you?


outside pic me largeHi I am Gretchen Pritts and I am an intuitive business coach and Reiki Master. I help spiritual business owners tame their inner conflicts so they can bring their bigger vision into reality and create a business aligned with their truest desires.

I know where you are …

You feel a calling – a big calling to live your soul’s purpose. However, it is scary, right?

  • Maybe you are coming out of the woo-woo closet and worried about what your friends or loved one’s might think?
  • Maybe you are frustrated with finding new clients?
  • Maybe you are unclear on how to make it all happen and overwhelmed with all the details?
  • Or maybe you are worried that you haven’t mastered your gift yet and aren’t ready to share it with others?

But …

All of this feels like it doesn’t matter – because the push, the calling is so much bigger than any of these fears and worries. You still want to make a go of it.

So where do you begin –

Clearing the Inner Conflict is key.

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter how much you are guided to move forward – when you have inner conflicts going on inside, everything stands still – including your spiritual and intuitive business.

Everything – from knowing how to tap into your business intuition to creating holistic marketing strategies with ease – nothing moves forward.

That’s where I step in …

My goal is to help you Tame Your Inner Conflicts, so that you can create a ridiculously clear path from your soul’s purpose to your business vision. Together we work through a 7-step process that guides you through everything from cutting through the inner conflicts and creating your spiritual business vision to implementing intuitive marketing strategies and making adjustments.

Imagine what it would be like to tap into your business intuition and move forward in living your soul’s purpose with ease …

The best way to see where you fit into this process, is to check out my FREE Tame Your Inner Conflicts Sessions, by clicking below.

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