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Is your content writing bringing in the customers?


Are your customers understanding your content writing message?

 As a business owner, writing content for your marketing may cause confusion. You might not know what you want to say or how you want to say it. Maybe you've tried to put something together, but it doesn't seem to be bringing in the customers.

Is the content or writing even important?

Of course the content writing is important! In fact the words are one of the most important parts of your marketing. It's funny because many businesses will spend huge amounts of money on a great looking website or fancy brochures, but they will try and write the marketing content without a real strategy. 

Even if the site looks fantastic, if the words don't speak to the customer they WON'T buy!

So how do you get started?

Know Your Customer

The most important step before you begin any kind of content writing is to know who you are speaking to. You may say that your product or service can be used by anyone. Of course it can, but when you try to write to anyone, it can become confusing.

Every business owner has an ideal customer in mind. A customer who would be perfect for you to do business with each and everyday. Think about who this person is and what qualities and traits they have.

Write to This Customer

Content writing is different than speaking directly to a customer. You can't adjust what you are writing midway through the conversation. What you say needs to speak to them now.

Speak to one person when you write, like you are having a conversation with one person. When someone reads your content, if it is general, they won't get it.

However, when the content is spoken directly to them, they will be wondering how you got inside of their head.

How Can You Help Your Customer

If you were talking directly to a customer, would you be saying how great you are and all of the features of your business. Of course not! You would be finding out how you can help them.

People don't care about the features of your business, at least not at first. When they are reading your content, they want to know, "what's in it for me?" So, when you write to your ideal customer, show them what is in it for them. How can your solve their problem?

People buy for 2 reasons, to get away from pain, or to get closer to pleasure. Where does your business fall? Many times you do both. Figure out how. Notice that writing content has nothing to do about you and everything to do about the customer?

Take the pressure off of yourself and put your attention on your customer. You will be surprised at how things change!


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