Make Your Online Content Pop


Last week we talked about the importance of identifying your ideal customer. This week, we are expanding on what you need to do with your content to get results.

Step #2: Market to your ideal customer

After you discover who you want to work with, marketing becomes much easier. When you market to one person, or one particular group of people, you are better able to streamline your focus and energy.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get stuck when you are thinking of marketing to EVERYONE? Ever notice how trying to market to many different people has the result of many different marketing messages? 

You become confused, and chances are your customers will be confused or unable to connect with your message.

Only one specific group of people can be attracted to you at a time…because people react differently to words depending on their life situation.

4 Simple Keys to Making Your Marketing Message Pop:

1. Name your ideal customer on your website: Let your visitors know they are at the right place for the product or service they need.

When potential customers find your website, they want to immediately know if this is something they need or not. The only way they know, is if you tell them:  “Attention Parents of Difficult Children” or “Brides To Be: Jewelry to Make Your Day Special”.

2. Talk to one person: Any marketing that you do, direct it towards one person. That means on your website, brochures, or during speaking engagements. When you direct your message to one person instead of an entire group, the message connects on a personal level.

3. Write to what they want to hear: As a business owner, often you can become caught up in what you want to say. In order for your audience to connect with you, you need to talk about what they want to hear. Last week you discovered how can you help your customer. Your online content should speak to this.

When your audience is skimming your content, they are looking at it with a, "What's in it for me" attitude. Write to this.

4. Speaking of skimming: Keep in mind that your readers are skimming your content. Our brains are trained to skim through online content quickly to see if we want to dig deeper.

Make sure you don't write long paragraphs. Try to keep your paragraphs at 3 sentences or less.

Your audience is exposed to hundreds of marketing messages everyday. In order for your content to stand out and grab their attention, you need to make sure they want to stay. Give your audience a reason to stay!

What are your concerns with writing your online content? Comment below or visit us on Facebook and let's take this conversation up a notch 🙂


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