How to Write Copy

Writing copy for a blog or website seems pretty straight forward, right?

I mean most of us went to high school or college and were taught how to write, correct?

What may seem as simple and straight forward actually means: Take everything you learned in school about writing and throw it out the window! Except of course the spelling and grammar.

What exactly do I mean?

Here are a few quick tips that will help you with your online content and will lead to increased engagement with your readers.

Are you ready?

1. Don't make your paragraphs any longer than 3 sentences. Yes this is complete opposite of what you learned in school, which was make paragraphs at least three sentences. Why, you ask?

Think of how you read a web page. Do you read it like a book-from start to finish? My guess is that you answered that question with a no.

When we read a website or actually anything online, our brains are trained to scan the page.You may not even know you do this.

We scan a page for keywords or highlights that tell us if we actually want to read the all of the information or not.

By making your paragraphs shorter, you have a higher chance that your readers will pick up more information.

2. Break up your content with headlines and bold. Similar to the short paragraphs, having headlines and bold throughout your content emphasizes points your want your readers to take away.

Now, don't go crazy and bold every other word, or this will make a reader quickly click away. Use your bolding wisely.

3. One space not two after a period. How many of you learned to type on a typewriter? If you did, chances are that you were taught to put two spaces after a period.

Well as with anything else in the era of computers, times have changes. There is no longer a need to put two spaces at the end of your sentence.

In fact, if you have two spaces your content will look much less professional.  You will also break up your content in a way that is not visually appealing.  I know it is a hard habit to break, but stop with the two space.  Notice the difference?

The technical part of writing copy really isn't too hard to accomplish. If you follow these three simple steps, you will already be ahead of many of the websites and content that is out there.

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