How to do Social Media Wrong



Are you confused about how to do social media for your business?

Are you frustrated with your results?

More and more businesses are using social media for their marketing. From Presidential campaigns to finding a lost dog in the community, social media is exploding.

In fact, Social Media Examiner preformed a study with over 3,000 business marketers. What they found was that 90% of those marketers felt that social media was an important part of their business marketing plan.

However, out of those marketers using social media, only around 40% are seeing sales from their efforts. So, what gives? Does that mean social media doesn't work for business growth?

Of course the answer to that is it does work, but if you are doing it wrong, your fans, followers, links, and viewers will run away as fast as you can say, "Follow me on…"

What to Avoid Doing on Social Media if You Want Sales

• Sell, sell, sell. Folks we are in a world where relationships are key to business growth. Whether you are going to your favorite spa or visiting your favorite fan page on Facebook, relationships are key.

People do not want to hear your sales pitch over and over and over again, so stop! Keep your sales to a minimum on social media. In fact, Twitter you can get away with one pitch a day, but places like Facebook, you may want to only do it once every three days.

• Talk about you. Have you ever gone to a party and talked with someone who only talked about themselves? Have you ever noticed how irritating that can be?

Social media is not the place to only talk about you.

Your fans do not want to hear everything that is going on in your life. Sure you want to provide information about yourself and your life, but you also want to engage your followers and find out about them. Interactions are the bread and butter in social media, so create them!

• Provide crappy content. Social media is a great place to show your expertise. Add value for your followers, so you can become a resource or go to person for their needs.

If you are a poor writer or don't know what your customers want, find help and do your research.

• Ignore your pages and fans. It is easy when you get busy to ignore your social media sites. Even more common is not posting or interacting because you feel like no one is watching.

However, if you don't keep up, people will forget about you. Did you know that around 55% of businesses ignore their followers on Twitter and Facebook? What?! Don't be part of that statistic.

• Spam your connections. Have you ever thought you were creating a valuable connection and then bam—they blast you with their spam? How frustrating is that?

It is easy to get caught up in the free marketing of social media, but don't get caught in the trap of spamming your connections. This means no posting links on their walls or sending promotional direct messages to people you don't know.

If you follow how most businesses do social media as examples, most likely you will not find success. However, if you do it differently, by creating relationships, providing good information, and changing your expectations from one of sales to one of interaction, the success will follow.

Be present daily, show respect, and truly care about the connections you are making = standing out in a very crowded space!

Thoughts? Successes? or Frustrations with social media and your business? Comment below or visit us on Facebook—I'd love to connect and try to help!


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