The customer is always right – I call BS!

I hope you are completely enjoying your weekend!

Speaking of weekends, not too long ago I had a client of mine tell me that they were unhappy with me because they unhappy clientswere not able to reach me during the weekends. In fact to be completely transparent here – they were thinking of asking for a refund because of this.

At first I had a little bit of panic – both because of the thought of having to give a refund and because someone was unhappy with me.

So what did I do …

Well the only thing I thought I could do at that time – work weekends, right?

Yep that is exactly what I started doing again!

Here’s the thing – not too long before this client said that to me I made the commitment to STOP working weekends. I was tired of working everyday of the week and wanted to spend more time with my family and with myself. So I decided that I would take time off on Saturdays and Sundays.

And I must say that I was loving it – until this client became unhappy.

Then …

Well my inner ego took over. I made sure I was available, answering emails, texts and even having phone calls. And that lasted for about six weeks until I slowed the heck down and paid attention to what I was doing.

Why was I more concerned about this client then honoring my commitment to myself?

And then that old saying – you know the one – The Customer Is ALWAYS Right! – yeah that one popped into my head.

And that is also the exact time that I called Bull Sh*t on it.

Here’s the thing – the customer really isn’t always right. Of course we need to honor our commitments to our customers, but we need to honor ourselves too. We need to make ourselves happy too.

So long story short, I am no longer working with this client. I realized that the Universe was throwing me a big ‘ol test to see if I was REALLY committed to my new “weekends off” idea. And what I discovered was that at that time – I wasn’t.

Now, I am very clear on when I want to be working and when I don’t – and I’ve set up some pretty big boundaries around this.

And to set myself and my clients up for success – they know of these boundaries from Day 1!

Now will I get another test – well I’m sure of it. However, this time around I think I’m ready to say, “no”!

How about you? What do you think about the phrase: The Customer is Always Right?

Let me know your thoughts – I’d love to hear!

Until next time …