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Establish Yourself as an Authority with Newsletter Writing

 In today’s crowded internet world, it is important to establish yourself as an authority. A great way to make this happen is by writing a newsletter. The secret to writing a newsletter is not to make it about you and your business. Write a newsletter for your customers.

Your customers are sick and tired of being bombarded with promotional and marketing messages. If you write your newsletter full of specials, deals, and buy from us, kind of language, your potential customers will run away!

Become the expert and go to person in your industry and your customers will be waiting to hear from you. Newsletter writing is a tool to help you build a relationship with your customers and grow your business.

When they read your newsletter content, they will begin to know who you are and how you can help them. Remember, your potential customers are always thinking, “What’s in it for me!”

When you write content for your newsletter provide information that your customers are seeking. The more knowledgeable you are about your subject, the more your customers will begin to trust you and want more from you.

Key ingredients of  successful newsletter writing

  • Create a purpose – Develop a plan and purpose for your newsletter.
  • Focus on what customers want – Give your customers the information they crave.
  • Make yourself visible – Set a regular newsletter delivery routine.
  • Ensure valuable content – Provide your expertise and value in your newsletters.
  • Provide an unsubscribe option – Always give your readers a way to opt out.