You Are Unique & So Is Your Biz

Take a minute to think about this question …

How many programs, templates, blueprints, one size fits all products have you purchased to help you with your marketing?

Yeah – I just went there …outsourcing social media doesn't work

Seriously, take a look at that number. I know for me it is high – much higher than I’d ever want to admit. And I can also tell you that I have not experienced a return on my investment. In fact sometimes, when I tried to implement some of the “fool-proof” tactics, I didn’t have anyone, not one person, bought.

How about you – how’s your return on investment?

I’m totally not asking you these questions to get you down. That’s not my intention at all.

I just want you to think about something …

What if, just want if, these guaranteed programs and products are just not built for us?

Sometimes, at least for me and for my clients, we know that something feels wrong with these methods. However, because they are taught by successful people, we keep implementing them, even though they make us feel like crap inside.

Has this ever happened to you?

So, let me ask you this –

Say you went to a doctor – whether they were traditional or holistic – and they gave you medicine or a supplement to help with your allergies …

And you took that medicine exactly as prescribed. You took it once a day, with food and whatever other types of guidelines there were – in other words, you followed that prescription step by step.

After about a week or so, you realized that what you were taking wasn’t working. You were still not sleeping due to congestion, your eyes were watery and you even had a bit of an upset stomach after taking the medicine.

However, because it was an expert that gave you the medicine, you kept right on taking it, despite the crappy results.

Fast forward a few months …

You are still taking the pills, still feeling like crap and extremely agitated and frustrated because it just isn’t working.

Here’s the crossroads …

Do you keep taking the pill or is this particular prescription NOT right for you and your unique body chemistry – and you need to do something different?

So of course this is medicine and health – but couldn’t this be the same with our businesses too? Aren’t we all programmed differently? Could it be possible that some marketing methods just won’t work for us?

The question is – can you see the misalignment and are you willing to go another way?

If your interest is now peaked – join me on Saturday, October 17th at 10 AM ET, on a free webinar – where we will be going into detail about why this misalignment is happening and what to do about it.

You can check out the information here: Why Your Online Marketing is Driving You Nuts.

I’d absolutely love to have you there and support you through this journey!!

Until next time.




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