Why your biz might be draining you – and how to fix it :)

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve had a time or two when it felt like my business was completely depleting me of my energy. So the question is – is this feeling just a fleeting feeling, or is there something more going on?

Sure we all get overwhelmed with the busyness – it is just the nature of the game. However, how do you know if aligned businessthe overwhelm is tied to a particular circumstance or if there is something more happening in your biz.

Try this on for size…

When your are completely in alignment with your business, you may have times of being really busy. Whether you have a bunch of new clients rolling in or you are preparing to offer a new product or service – the work can be overwhelming. However, all of these things fuel you – they feed your soul – so while you might be physically tired, spiritually and emotionally you are fired up!

When you have an aligned business, your biz energizes you. Things just flow – they happen easily. For example, clients are attracted to you, your confidence is high, your creativity is unstoppable – this is what alignment looks like.

I don’t know about you – but when I set out to start my business, this is what I aimed for – it seems to be total bliss, right?

The thing is though – what we strive for and what actually occurs is not always reality.

Instead, you may actually find yourself either partially misaligned or totally misaligned.

What’s the difference?

Well when you are partially misaligned, you are depleted of energy, time and bandwidth. Instead of feeding your soul, your business is depleting it. You dread Monday mornings when it is time to get to business. You are uncertain about what to do next in your biz. You may even feel like you are being held back from offering what you truly want to offer in this world – because you aren’t exactly sure how to make it happen.

When you are partially misaligned, you want to keep going, you know that success can happen – you just don’t trust yourself to make the next decisions.

Then you have total misalignment…

This is when you are done – your finances are gone, your creativity is gone and you are feeling resentful of it all. When there is a total misalignment with your biz, you are ready to throw in the towel. <<<———-This is what you want to prevent!!

When we are in total misalignment, it can be difficult to come out of it (not impossible – just more work)! The key is to catch ourselves when we recognize there is something not right in our biz – when we feel like there should be something more or it shouldn’t be this hard.

See the difference?

So why does any of this matter anyway?

Creating a business that is in alignment with who we are is the key to our success. Without this alignment, we will constantly be recreating ourselves, holding ourselves back and stuck in a cycle of ups and downs.

Here’s the thing – our souls are longing for us to be happy, to be aligned. <<<——-This is where the struggle stops.

Is it time to make an adjustment? I’m curious, where do you currently see yourself on this alignment scale? Comment below and let me know!!

Until next time…




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