When you wake up one day and everything changes …

What happens when the fun is gone …

This week was a week full of self-reflection for me. Actually, it started for me last week when I woke up with reflectionthe realization that I lost all the fun in my biz. And the thing is – this wasn’t like a sad reality – it was more like a matter of fact reality. Like the emotion to the situation was actually gone. Does that make sense?

So it started with that about a week ago. Then on Tuesday I woke up with the biggest ah-ha – you know the ones that make you absolutely laugh out loud …

After all these years, through the disappointments and the successes – I’ve created the wrong business.

I created a business based on what others said I “should” create. Shit! Seriously?

And here’s the funny part: I’ve been in business for about eight years, and during the last year or so I worked with people that wanted to get into alignment with their marketing. See the humor? Alignment is my thing. However, what I realized with my current biz is that I am totally misaligned – not with my marketing, but with my biz!

Wow. How in the world did that happen?

Seriously – sometimes it is amazing how blind we can be with our own stuff …

Here’s the thing though – I was and am so hesitant to send this information out to you. Why? I feel like I morph into something new in my biz about as often as I change my underwear. Well not really, but close.

However, I realized that is the misalignment. That is me moving away from what doesn’t feel right.

So what does feel right –

Well for starters – finding the FUN again and also finding what feels light verses heavy in my biz.

You know, being a business owner is seriously one of the greatest personal growth paths EVER! Growing a business makes you look at your shit. It comes up. And if we don’t explore it and move through it, well we may as well close up shop. Right?

And this is the piece that I adore. This is the piece I have ALWAYS adored – from Day Freaking 1! I love the transformation. I love the layers of the onion – even when they keep peeling and peeling and peeling. I love that stuff. And I shine here. Even better – I am no longer afraid that I shine here!

Sure marketing is fantastic and much needed for our business success.

However, for me, the work I want to put into the world (while having fun and keeping it light) – well marketing just isn’t deep enough. I want to go deeper.

And that’s where I am right now – ready to go deeper. Ready to bring in the FUN. Ready to bring a lightness to my biz. Ready to embrace alignment.

Who’s with me?


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