Time to Take Control of Your To Do List



To Do List Competition!!

Last week I posted a plea for help regarding my to do list and taking control of it once and for all. I was surprised at the outpouring of support and also business owners in the same boat.

Well I found my winner and I asked her to guest post for us this week, so we all may benefit from her advice.

Here goes…

Secrets of The Six Figures Mom

Written By: Jamie Kanner

Ok Are you ready?

As a mother of 4, home business entrepreneur & six figure income earner for 20 years. I have had to have a plan.

Here goes:

1. Schedule my weekly workouts on my calendar every week around my client & kids appointments. If I don''t take care of me, i am not as productive. Plus people than want my lifestyle and ask about how to look and feel better. Walk the talk.

2. Always start the day with learning, reading or inspirational info.

3. Never check email before I have learned something new, double checked my calendar and make sure I am organized for the day. If you get stuck on email, set a timer. Have a daily schedule for email/facebook. Mine is post 2x a day, comment, inspire or connect with at least 3 people-get offline!

4. Always pre-plan the night or afternoon before so when you sleep you are not worrying about tomorrow. I am not a night person, so I had to plan out my to do list before 3 pm when my kids came home.

5. Very Important: Always put the income producing activities in the top 3-5 of your  to do lists. Leave those other items at the bottom. It's income producing activities that drive your business

6. Schedule weekly follow up day/time on your calendar. Clients new or prospective so appreciate you staying in touch.

7. When possible, I prefer to work during my kids school hours, however if I need to call clients at night or on weekend, I have a separate night time call list or weekend call list. It usually has just a few names on it, so it's not overwhelming.

8. Ask people how they best like to connect, phone, fb, cell or email, that way i am not chasing them nor playing phone tag. Organize your new client info into a contact list to further stay in touch. I love constant contact-it tracks my open rates and click through and I can gently drop in on people with content driven info.

9. At night I always plug into my ipod motivational, belief building information as I fall asleep. You'd be surprised how happy and focused you wake up everyday!

10. When working on a big project or when you have a lot on your plate, skip the folding of the laundry. Stop by whole foods for dinner, give your kids chores to help out, and don't look at the things in the house that need to get done, they can wait!

Most importantly: Be grateful everyday. if it's not a habit, write down one thing you are grateful for in your calendar everyday! 
"Remember, It's all good" 

Hope that helps! Namaste everyone! I am off to hot yoga, after all it's in my calendar!



Jamie is a mom of 4 amazing kids ages 19,16,13, & 10. Hot yoga keeps her calm. She has been an entrepreneur for 18 years and I loves helping women become: Fit, Fabulous & Financially Free!

The Colorado Rockies inspire her. Healthy living, organic food and helping women find their greatness whether it be from a new glow in their skin care, how to lose those last 5 pounds, an energizing protein shake or joining her at hot yoga, keeps her motivated. Exercise, massages and a great pedicure help Jamie de-stress. Inspiring her children, spouse and friends to find their greatness, step outside their comfort zone and go for thier goals and dreams is her life passion! You can find Jamie at: www.Jamiekanner.com


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