The Missing Piece in Sales for Heart and Spiritually Driven Entrepreneurs

As a heart and spiritually driven business owner, one of the toughest hurdles to jump is sales. In fact, many of us 19808787_scompletely shy away from the whole idea of sales for fear of sounding fake or forceful or worse yet – getting rejected.

Sure there are tons of sales books, courses and programs available for us to learn and master the art of sales. However, are those types of programs really geared towards our unique style of doing business?

In my former life I was a sales representative for a pharmaceutical company – yes I know I really did that.

I can still remember my first lunch and learn.

I had big ideas, I mean huge ideas, of how I was going to serve my clients. I wanted to be the best sales rep they ever had walk in the door.

So we sat down to lunch and almost as soon as my ass hit the chair – the doctor said to me, “There is no need for you to give us any information or try and sell anything to us. Let’s just enjoy our lunch.”

Um – talk about deflated.

And talk about getting inside of my head. The self talk that was happening at that moment was horrible. I wouldn’t say that stuff to my worst enemy.

Things like …

  • Why would anyone buy from you
  • You are not cut out for sales
  • You are a horrible sales representative
  • You are going to suck at this job
  • Why would you ever think that you can make a difference

Wow – seriously brutal.

So after that lunch as I walked with my tail between my legs, I went through an 8 year stint of trying to be a good, sales rep. But instead I got by.

Why am I sharing this story with you?

I think that many of us had some type of bad experience with sales. Maybe you were in sales and hated it? Maybe you got hosed by a sales person and bought something that you didn’t need? Or maybe you bought a sales program or system and when you went to apply it in your business it felt horrible and inauthentic?

Whatever the negative experience – many of us carry it with us each and every time we head into a sales conversation.

Meaning …. we get stuck in our head.

Like we go into a sales conversation with a potential new client saying things in our head like:

  • I don’t want to sound like a sleazy sales person
  • I am not good at sales, so I’m sure they won’t buy
  • What if they don’t buy – then I’m screwed
  • I’ll just give them a ton of information and help solve their problem then they will want to buy from me
  • They don’t have enough money – they said that already, so I am not going to make an offer

There is a reason why all of those “icky” sales experiences in the past got stuck in your head and why they remain there each time you put on your sales hat – it is because something about sales feels unethical, not right or misaligned to you – to your core.

For me, well I was handed a bunch of scripts and that is how I was taught to sell. Follow these scripts and answer objections like this and make sure to give a hard close.

Seriously, I have a social work degree – me and a hard close or inauthentic, robotic sales conversations don’t mix well – and don’t mix well for many heart and spiritually driven business owners.

So what should we do instead?

The key when you are having your sales calls is to have effective and ethical conversations. Seriously, it all about conversation.

And when you approach these conversations as a way to help a potential client solve a problem, everything shifts.

As heart and spiritually driven business owners, our number one goal is to help and serve others. When we get in our head and into this place of sales that feels inauthentic and down right crappy – well we fall flat. Our results suck or we end up with clients that aren’t right for us or are disappointed in their experience with us.

So – if our goal is to help … why don’t we start helping during the sales conversation?

The best possible thing we can do for this person is to focus entirely on them – if you can completely remove yourself from inside your head and turn to your heart and have the sales conversation from there, things will shift.

Imagine what it would be like for you if you enjoyed a sales conversation? Imagine what it would be like for your potential client if they enjoyed it too?


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  1. I can recall similar stories to this one in both previous “sales job” and even after starting my own company. It definitely stings. Especially when you have a positive attitude and that feeling that you just know it’s your day then to have the wind taken out of your sails, it’s a real kick. But we pick ourselves up, brush it off and start again. Hopefully learning something each time.

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