The Biggest Lie in the Coaching and Healing Business

So I’m going to out myself here …

As a coach working in the coaching and healing industry, I’ve fallen into the whole – what’s your big 23798541_swhy – idea. And while I totally believe in having a big why, I also believe in unfiltering your big why.

Let me explain a little deeper …

Today is back to school day here in Central, PA. This is one of those days in my biz that I love to take a little time for clarity. I often find that my biz goals can become a little cloudy over the summer months. So, I take this day to ground myself, focus my intentions and redefine some important goals.

When I was going through my list of questions to answer – questions that came to me during my morning meditation and journal time – the question that really made me stop was this: What is your biz and why are you doing it? What is your BIG why?

And the first answer that popped into my head was to make money.

Oh my gosh did I back peddle after that answer. I mean good heavens, I couldn’t possibly have a big why of making money, could I? How completely self absorbed, greedy and “uncoach” like. I need to have a big why of like world peace or healing the planet, right? (Hence the biggest lie we tell ourselves in this industry!)

I stopped and paid attention to this little inner battle that was beginning to take place inside of my head. And I did have a little chuckle at my own expense.

Here’s what I came up with –

I am in business to make money. As of today, I am owning this.


The purpose of having my business is to make money, so we can live life on our terms – so I can provide for my family. Without me making money, not only am I stressed out, I can’t help my clients share their gifts or help them heal the planet – I can’t help them live their BIG why.

This is a powerful shift for me.

It is also one that may not be accepted in the coaching/healing/spiritual biz world – however, this is what I am asking …

Whatever your big why – embrace it. Unfilter it. Allow it to be. Own it.

And for the big why of your fellow biz owners – allow them to own theirs. No judgement allowed.

So – go ahead and share it – what is your Big Why???

Until next time …





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