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Tame Your Inner Conflicts Session | Intuitive Business Coach | Intuition Marketing | Intuitive Marketing Strategies | Holistic Marketing | Spiritual Business


FREE: Tame Your Inner Conflicts Session

“ When inner conflicts are out of control, you can't move forward in your business. It is not possible. ”
  • Procrastination: You don't finish projects or follow thru on ideas to get yourself out there.
  • Learning Mode: You constantly feel as though you need another certification or business/marketing course before you can move forward.
  • Hoping Something Sticks: You keep trying new ideas without a real plan and hope something sticks.

During this session we will:


Take a Bird's Eye View

Our first step is to look at your business goals. We will take time to get clear on what is working and what needs improvement. We will discuss your vision and where you want your biz to go.


Uncover Your Inner Conflicts

After we look at your business goals, we will take time to look at what feels disconnected, what's standing in your way and where you get hung up or stuck.


Create Steps to Release Your Conflicts

Once we know your inner conflicts, we will discuss why these conflicts are occurring. We will also talk about possibilities on how to release the conflicts, so you can have a clearer path to creating the business you envision.


Discuss Recommendations

Finally, we will talk about recommendations for moving forward. These might include free resources, services or programs I know of or a variety of other options based on what we uncover.

About Gretchen

Gretchen Pritts is an Intuitive Business Coach and Reiki Master that helps spiritual business owners tame their inner conflicts so they can bring their bigger vision into reality and create a business that is aligned with their truest desires.