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Free Intuitive Business Coaching & Intuitive Marketing Strategies Session


FREE: Tame Your Inner Conflicts Session

“ When inner conflicts are out of control, you can't move forward in your business. It is not possible. ”
  • Procrastination: You don't finish projects or follow thru on ideas to get yourself out there.
  • Overwhelm: You constantly feel overwhelmed with all of your business decisions and what action to take next.
  • Hoping Something Sticks: You keep trying new ideas without a real plan and hope something sticks.
Cheryl Runde

Gretchen heart-fully helped me uncover a major block that has kept me playing small for a long time. She created a safe space to explore and to uncover my fears. I couldn't believe how big my blocks, which all boiled down to not being enough, were holding me back. In my mind the fear was a big looking monster staring me down. As she took me through the process asking questions to help me dig deeper, I was able to walk hand in hand with and able to shrink my proverbial monster. I feel so free, empowered and ready to forward. She helped me develop a plan and I am already putting it into action. And this was in just one 45 minute session! Gretchen does an outstanding job of quickly getting to the heart of the issue and helping determine next steps. Highly recommend her for your coaching and marketing needs!

Joumana Nasr

I highly recommend getting on a call with Gretchen. Last week, she helped me uncover a big piece of my inner conflicts puzzle and it's been a real eye-opener.

During this session we will:


Take a Bird's Eye View

Our first step is to really look at your spiritual business goals. We will take time to get clear on what is working and what needs improvement and discuss your vision and where you want your biz to go.


Uncover Your Inner Conflicts

After we look at your business goals, we will take time to look at what feels disconnected, what's standing in your way and where you get hung up or stuck.


Release Your Conflicts

Once we know your inner conflicts, we will discuss why these conflicts are occurring. We will also talk about possibilities on how to release the conflicts, so you can have a clearer path to creating the business you envision.


Discuss Recommendations

Finally, we will talk about recommendations for moving forward. These might include free resources, services or programs I know of or a variety of other options based on what we uncover.

Stephanie Fleming
Business Owner

Thank you Gretchen! I loved my session. You have a centered, non-threatening approach and made me feel completely at ease. Thanks for shining the light on my barriers and for that motivation to keep trusting and taking those steps towards my goals. Thank you! I highly recommend you take advantage of this generous offer from Gretchen. She rocks!

Jill Binder
Web Designer 

I am so thrilled. I just received my free session from Gretchen. It was a Tame Your Inner Conflicts Session. I came into it feeling overwhelmed with 8 really great side business ideas. I walked out with one cohesive idea that combines several into something that feeds my soul life plan.

About Gretchen

Gretchen Pritts is an Intuitive Business Coach and Reiki Master that helps spiritual and intuitive business owners tame their inner conflicts so they can bring their bigger vision into reality and create a business that is aligned with their truest desires.