Say What? You Send an Automatic Direct Message on Twitter?

Yep! I'll be the first one to tell you that I send an automatic direct message on Twitter to new followers.

And, I'll also be the first one to tell you that I would never change this content marketing technique.

Was I always a believer in Twitter Dm's?

Absolutely not! In fact I loathed them. I could not believe that people could be so impersonal on a social media platform that already felt impersonal.

Before really taking the time to understand and learn how to be successful on Twitter, I hated the whole tweeting idea. Everything about it felt distant and non relationship based. However, after taking training courses and really learning the nuts and bolts of the site, it is by far my favorite social media platform–direct messages and all!

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As much as I love to talk about how to use Twitter, this post is dedicated to finding success with direct messages.

5 Tips on Writing Twitter Direct Messages to Build Relationships

1. Be you! The most important part of DM's is to be yourself. Write your message just like you would talk. Don't try to be someone else or use marketing language. You want followers to connect with you, so go for it!

2. Never promote. Yes I will admit it, I still become irritated with DM's I receive that are all about marketing. Don't send people to your blog or download your free offer. You haven't earned the ability to ask that yet. Build a relationship before offering any type of promotion.

3. Build relationships immediately. The goal of social media is to build a relationship and make a connection. This begins from the moment you send a direct message. Thank them for the follow and ask if they want to connect on another platform like Facebook or LinkedIn.

4. Get a dialogue started. Successful DM's often include asking a question. You will be surprised at how many responses you receive. Be sure your questions involve more than a 'yes' or 'no' answer to keep the conversation going.

5. Follow back and follow up. Be sure to follow your followers back. They can't respond to your DM without you following them. Also, don't forget to follow up and respond. Check your messages often and respond as quickly as you can.

Whether you are writing a DM or even a tweet, focus on building relationships with your followers. Twitter is not about you–it is about the relationships that you are creating. Changing your focus takes the pressure off of you and increases your results.

What's your experience with Twitter direct messages? Leave your comments below, I'd love to hear them.


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