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Archetype Alignment Grid:
Quick Start Program

This Quick Start Program allows you to explore your archetype on a much deeper level so you can ...

  • Understand your archetype and how to use it in your business and marketing
  • Create a plan of action for the next steps in your marketing to start attracting the clients who are right for you
  • Uncover your unique Marketing Foundation™, so you can make the adjustments and tweaks that are right for your business

Let's Face it Marketing that Feels Fake or Manipulative Doesn't Work for Most Soul-Inspired Entrepreneurs

As purpose driven and soul-inspired business owners, things need to feel right in our businesses. This is an important piece of our success. When things feel icky or out of integrity, we either don't put ourselves out there or when we do - we fall flat.

​Whether you have learned how to market your business from the top gurus in the industry or from a local marketing expert, the key is to take what you've learned and make it your own. Until you create your marketing to fit you - you will continue to struggle with finding the right clients.

The Archetype Alignment Grid Quick Start Program is designed to take the guesswork out of finding your unique marketing style!

“With the Quick Start Program, you not only discover what works for your archetype, you also learn what doesn't work too!! This makes creating a marketing plan a whole lot easier!”

With the Archetype Alignment Grid Quick Start Program,
You Will Discover:

  • Make sure that you are crystal clear, and I mean crystal clear, on what your archetype is, so you can create marketing that feels good to you and to your potential clients
  • Gain a deeper understanding about who you are as a marketer and as a business owner, so you can begin the process of aligning your business to your soul
  • Uncover your Marketing Foundation™ so you can quickly see what adjustments and tweaks to make in your marketing plan so that you are more attractive to your ideal clients
  • Discover what marketing skills you can grow and what ones you can let go of because they aren't right for you, which saves you a ton of time and wasted energy
  • Determine next steps in understanding how you can use the Grid in your business and experience a better response from your audience, so you can have way more fun while being yourself in your business

Here is What Your Quick Start Program Includes:

  • Marketing Foundation™: Marketing picks for each archetype as well as why people buy from each archetype
  • Powerful Questions: Create big shifts in your business right away by working through each question and applying the answers into your marketing
  • Archetype Examples: Discover real people that fit into each archetype as well as occupations best suited for that archetype. These are not just entrepreneurs, but people in arts & entertainment, authors, thought leaders and historical figures
  • Archetype Traits: Learn personality traits of all 12 archetypes, to help you clarify where exactly you fit on the Grid

The Archetype Alignment Grid Quick Start Program will change the way you look at marketing and at your business. Things become easier and marketing becomes fun!

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