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What is holding you back from the business you desire?

Is it time?
Is it procrastination?
Is it confusion?
Is it overwhelm?
Or is it something else?

Do you really know what is stopping you?

Someone once told me that building a heart and spiritually driven business is one of the toughest roads to self growth and discovery.road to discover

Seriously, is there any other quest that puts you face to face with your own blocks and insecurities – like on a daily basis?

Here’s the thing though – if we really want to step fully into who we are and what we want to create, we need to identify what those blocks and insecurities are – and then we need to find a way to bust them up, so we can move forward and step into our true selves.

We are human –
We are going to get in our own way
We are going to stumble
We are going to want to play small, because it feels safe
– This is all part of our journey.

However, does that mean we want to stay still – to stay stuck?

Hell No! – At least not me or the clients I work with…

We are willing to commit to the work in order to create a reality we love, so that we can share our gifts and live our authentic lives.

Is it easy – not always
Is it worth it – Hell Yes!


outside pic me largeHi I am Gretchen Pritts and I am an intuitive business coach and Reiki Master that helps purpose driven and soul-inspired business owners bridge the gap between their business and their soul, so they can create magic!

As purpose driven business owners – we are a unique bunch of entrepreneurs, aren’t we?

In addition to having a mad desire to grow a successful business and help as many people as we possibly can – we have a need to do everything in a way that feels good and is in alignment with our soul.

And if it doesn’t align – well that’s when things really get messed up.

What do I mean exactly –

As a soul-inspired biz owner we have an extra step when making business decisions. Instead of just learning or creating and implementing – we have to give ourselves the time and space to check in –
To ensure that whatever we are doing, feels aligned with our higher self and with our soul self.

And here’s where we get tripped up –

We have two sides to ourselves … we have the logical self and we have the spiritual self. And often we find ourselves hanging out with one self or the other.

Here’s what I mean – see if you can tell which part of you this is:

You learn a new strategy. Whether it is a step by step formula or system – or whatever – it is designed to help you grow your business or to solve a problem. And you are so excited that you finally found the missing piece that you quickly jump into implementation – you quickly go to your head.

And more often than not – as you are implementing you hear a little voice that tells you something is off – but you ignore it and your brain takes over, with the most stern voice of course, saying things like –

  • This is an expert that you are learning from, listen to what they have to say
  • You have to do exactly like you are taught in order for things to work so follow all the rules
  • This is such an easy formula that you will quickly see the results so hurry up and get busy

Each of these scenarios eventually ends up with the formula not working and our ego saying things like …

  • What’s wrong with me?
  • I must have done something wrong.
  • Am I really cut out for business?

So did you figure out what part of you that is? Your logical business brain – right?

Then comes the spiritual self side … the soul side, the higher self side …

This part of us looks something like this (see if you can relate) …

  • You have this business goal or vision that you want to bring into your reality. And part of you really just wants to spend your days visioning and meditating – doing the inner work – knowing and trusting that the rest will all fall into place.
  • Or you find yourself constantly creating ideas that feel great. But when you go to implement them, nothing feels right, so you just stay in creation mode, never really putting yourself out there or moving forward.
  • And finally, sales and marketing for your businesses feels icky and doesn’t really follow a spiritual path (or so you think), so you don’t do either and end up procrastinating by doing anything EXCEPT sales and marketing .

So what does this mean? What does any of this have to do with you?

Here’s the thing – if you are picturing yourself in any of these scenarios, chances are you are kinda tired of them not working.

When you are being logical, you have your nose to the ground and spend your days implementing and following directions. When you feel the logical side of you is to much and you feel disconnected from your source, you move into the spiritual side of you. Then you hang out there for awhile – becoming reconnected with your inner knowing and then you move back into logical.

It’s is kinda like an either or, right?

And when you stay in either place too long, you end up not taking action and wondering why you can’t move forward or put yourself out there. You feel completely stuck and can’t really explain why …

So, are either of these parts of us wrong?

Do we need to completely abandon these sides of ourselves to be successful?

Or is there a something else missing?

The answer is that as heart and spiritually driven business owners we need the logical business self
and we need the soul self side too. However, the missing piece is the bridge between tbridgehe two.

The bridge helps you gather information from the logical business mind and bring it to the soul self and then back to logical self for implementation.

It’s a process – actually it’s more like a sacred dance between the two. And in order to really create the business you envision, learning your dance is key for your business self and your soul self to thrive.

So what happens next?

Know that this bridge, this dance you dance is a muscle that needs developing. For some, it comes easily and you may already do some form of the dance. For others – well you might find yourself fighting this process every step of the way.

Know that either way is right. It is your process. And it is up to you to find the tools that help you discover the dance that works best for you.

And once you discover that dance and you completely infuse your unique self into all parts of your business – you create a vortex – a place where the right people flock to you and you feel great with every step you take.

To help you get started, it is important to understand where the energy is stuck in your business, so you can clear away the heaviness and create with more ease and lightness.

This works best by working with both the logical business self and your soul self.

I created a little process that I’d like to share with you to help you begin opening up the communication between these two selves.

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