Order Up: Your Dream Clients

Do you believe that marketing plays a role in the type of clients you attract to your business?

I know I sure do – and let me tell you that for me, when my marketing is misaligned, I end up doing arestaurant whole lotta attracting the WRONG clients.

How do I know this?

Well for starters, it is important to know whether or not a client is right for you.

Signs they are horribly wrong:

  • They don’t align with your price (aka asking for discounts)
  • They completely drain your energy
  • They don’t respect your time
  • You absolutely dread, and I mean dread, getting on the phone with them
  • You are frustrated beyond belief with them and don’t know why
  • They ask for refunds or don’t work through the process
  • They blame you when things don’t go right

Okay – sure this list may be a little dramatic, but I hate to admit that I’ve had a few clients like this along the way.

Here’s the thing I know…

If my marketing is aligned with the real me and not the “fake” me that many of the “gurus” tell me I needed to be, these energy draining, misaligned clients wouldn’t even bat an eye my way. I wouldn’t even be on their radar.

When you speak – I mean truly speak to a someone’s soul – the right people come to you. The perfect matches.

I was making a list of my ideal client traits the other day and while I was writing, it felt like I was writing a help wanted ad or placing an order at a restaurant.

Take a peak at my ideal client brain dump from this week:

Have a website
Email list of at least 500
Have a VA or at least know how or have the time to implement themselves
Truth Guide
Loves to brainstorm

Order Up!!

And it got me thinking …

What items on this list are non-negotiable? And I mean, absolutely, positively – no matter how much of a cash slump I’m in, will not bring them on as a client – non-negotiable.

When I asked myself this, it became crystal clear, who I would and wouldn’t work with.

Pretty fun exercise.

Try it and let me know how it goes.

And if you really want help with your online marketing strategy so you can “order up” your dream clients, let’s chat. Go here to make that happen.


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