Marketing Tip: How You Show Up Means Everything

Regardless of whether you are doing an email newsletter, networking or social media – how you women looking upshow up in each piece of marketing can mean the difference between falling flat or totally rocking it. However, how do you know what to do? How do you know if your plan is going to work or not?

The answer – Be You!!

Let’s take social media for example – in fact let’s take Facebook since this is what most everyone wants to talk about …

How do you be you while trying to promote yourself on a Facebook fan page?

Here’s a little secret – if you are like most heart and soul biz owners, people want to know the real you. They want to connect with who you are – especially on social media.

Facebook gives your connections a peek into your world – a peek into what it is like to be you. As a healer, coach or other type of spiritual entrepreneur, this is key to Facebook success.

Sure you can post all the tools, tips and quotes you want. And sure they may get some attention, but the real key is to show them you.

Let’s break it down a little more …

Many of you know that I recently became certified in the Archetype Alignment Grid. This allows me to help my clients really figure out how their natural way of being affects their marketing.

For example, there are 4 natural styles: Guru Stars, Truth Guides, Connectors and Supporters.

Most of my clients fall under the Truth Guide category – in case you were wondering 😉

Anyway – how each of these natural styles uses social media is completely different.

A Guru Star’s main goal is to provide solutions for their client’s problems. They tell them what to do to get the results they want. To be successful on Facebook a Guru Star can showcase their “I know best” approach. People want to see their lux lifestyle, their big promises and their huge successes.

On the other hand a Truth Guide’s main goal is to empower their client’s into finding a solution that works for them. They are very trustworthy and are there to guide people into finding their truth. Truth Guides are successful on Facebook when they are honest with how things are going. Like if they have a bad day – it is okay to share it. People want to relate to Truth Guides, so being real is important.

Connectors are just want they say they are – they know everyone and absolutely love connecting people with solutions. They are much happier selling someone else’s programs or products than selling their own. If they use this natural connecting ability on Facebook – they will be more successful. If you are a connector, become a resource for those you know. Sign up as an affiliate and share, share share 🙂

Finally supporters, they are the backbone of a business. Successful businesses cannot run without supporters. They are behind the scenes and ready to help in an instant. Facebook is a great way for supporters to connect with people that need you and to showcase your work. Whether you are a designer, copywriter, VA – show off your work on Facebook and let people know you are available for hire!!

Of course these are just the beginning steps of the Archetype Alignment Grid – but can you see how your natural style – and showing up in that style can really make a difference in your marketing success?

To learn more or to discover your Marketing Archetype, just click here: Archetype Alignment Kit.

Also – I’d love to hear from you – what have you found that really changes when you fully show up in your marketing?

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