How to Blog–Getting Past Perfectionism

How to Blog


Have you ever paid attention to what you say to yourself before you sit down to write?

Do the words you say or the feelings you feel keep you stuck?

Pay attention to what happens prior to your writing. You might surprise yourself at what you're saying.

Regardless of whether you are just beginning to write a blog, or you've been doing it for awhile, your inner critic can be at its peak every time you begin to write.

Maybe you find yourself asking yourself questions like:

  • What should I write about?
  • Will my content be worth reading?
  • Is what I'm teaching worthwhile or useful?
  • How can I help improve someone's life today?

Notice the amount of pressure that these statements put on you as a business owner?

If you constantly are thinking of how perfect, worthwhile, and educational your blog content needs to be, you most likely will avoid writing as often as possible.

Either that or else your content will take much longer than it needs to be.

Getting Past Perfectionism in Online Content

1. Write like you talk. Whether you are comfortable talking to a group of people or only one person at a time, use that situation to help you with your writing. Picture your group or person as you write and talk to them. Don't write to the entire internet population or you will feel completely intimidated.

2. Give yourself a break. Okay, here's your newsflash for the day: You are not perfect. You are human and you make mistakes. You will have posts that people don't relate to or don't drive conversation. It is okay! You may even find a typo after you make your post public, and guess what? The world will not stop rotating.

3. Trust in yourself and your words. There comes a moment as a business owner, that you need to begin to trust yourself. You have much to say and plenty to offer, so trust that it will end up with the people who need it.

Writing content for the web doesn't need to be difficult, unless you make it that way. Of course there are basics you need to learn, but even before you learn those, you need to learn how to tame that inner gremlin that will keep you absolutely stuck.

Are you ready? Kick that perfectionism to the curb and give yourself a break already, would ya?

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