How to Authentically Communicate Your Message to the Right Audience to Produce Results

Are you looking to build a marketing plan authentically and with integrity?

Are you feeling over-stimulated and frustrated with your current methods?

Each and everyday you are bombarded with marketing messages. They are everywhere you look–TV, magazines, Internet–you get the picture. Most of the time, you probably don’t even notice them, but once in awhile, you do stop and pay attention. So, what exactly makes you stop?

Whether an advertisement is on TV or written on the web, it’s all about connection. However, if you are a small business looking for customers online, you have about 3 seconds to make that connection! Do you know what solidifies the connection? Yep–you guessed it–your content!

Check these out …

3 Simple-steps to attracting connections online and transforming them your best clients ever!

Step #1: Identify your ideal client

Identifying your ideal customer can be the difference between a business that struggles and a business that excels. No matter how target clientwonderful your products or services are, if you are not able to clearly identify who your ideal customer is, then you will struggle with every other part of your business.

If you don’t believe in finding an ideal customer, or if it sounds too scary, ask the famous Subway! More than 11 years ago, they began a marketing campaign that changed their world. Do you know what it was? Of course you do–Jarred! Still today, when people think of healthy fast food, 9 times out of 10 people will name Subway!


They created an image of their ideal customer–someone who is in a hurry and looking for a healthy fast food option. Jarred and the Subway ideal customer, revolutionized the idea of healthy fast food!

Step #2: Market to your ideal client

After you discover whom you want to work with, marketing becomes much easier. When you market to one person, or one particular group of people, you are better able to streamline your focus and your energy.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get stuck when you are thinking of marketing to EVERYONE? Ever notice how trying to market to a wide audience has the result of many different marketing messages?

You become confused, and chances are your customers will also be confused or unable to connect with your message.

Only one specific group of people can be attracted to you at a time…because people react differently to words depending on their life situation.

Step #3: Get found by your ideal client

So you have a picture of your best clients and a marketing message that is kick a&@, but if they can’t find you, how is that going to help you or them? It’s not! All that you will end up with is a great marketing message.

You can have all the great headlines you want and a message that is on target, but if your customers can’t find you, it doesn’t really matter. Often this is where marketing courses fall short. You learn how to speak your true voice, market to your customer, and give all the features/benefits you can think of, but what happens next?

A few things to keep in mind –

First go where your ideal clients hang out and engage them in conversation. If they are on Facebook, then hang there. If they are in the local coffee shop or library, be there. The point is that you need to make it easy for them to find you. Do your research and invest the money for them to find you, aka Facebook ads, guest blog posting or local event sponsorship.

Once you develop your plan, stay consistent and keep your inner critic at bay. Don’t judge yourself or worry that you are doing it wrong. These voices will keep you stuck and unmotivated. However, from time to time you will want to re-evaluate to make sure your plan is effective and up to date.

Most of all ENJOY!!!

Until next time …