Grow A Business Through Good Times and Bad


I've often been asked what my secrets are to helping grow a business.

I'm not sure I have any secrets, but the #1 thing that has helped me was to remain flexible, focused, and consistent. Although my business is not where I envision it yet, when I look back at where I was a year and a half ago, I'm blown away.

In fact, I was even asked to be a part of an interview talking about my successes and tips on growing a business. Can someone pinch me now?

I'd like to share that interview with you now, so you can hopefully learn some tips, hear my story and gain some inspiration to keep going—through the good and bad times.

Thanks to Shelia Butler from Successful Women Talk, for allowing me to talk with you! I encourage you all to check out her site—she has some awesome and inspiring interviews on there.



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