Get the Heck Out of that Comfort Zone

Hey you – yeah you – let me ask you a question …

Are you truly sharing you in your business?

Or are you really hiding?

Yeah so you might be asking yourself – what in the world is Gretchen talking about now. But let me tell you a little story.

I recently went to a retreat in Arizona for my business. The transformation for me that resulted from this retreat started me theresethe moment I made the decision to go. You see for me – and this is a big share for me – but I don’t like to wonder too far away from home. I am really a home body. I enjoy being where I’m comfortable – around my family and close friends.

For this reason I never go away on business retreats or live events. And making the decision to go to Arizona was a HUGE one for me. I mean not only was I leaving the comfort of my home, I was traveling across the country by myself.

However, I knew that there was something that was going to transform for me during this trip. And that meant that I had to go. I was ready.

Of course I was a nervous wreck traveling by myself. While I was on the plane I had a really big moment – I realized that this was the first time and I mean absolute FIRST time I was traveling on a plane FOR ME – and only me.


The ah – ha’s continued to happen for me and this was only on the trip there. The next big one was when I landed. I was meeting one of the women that was attending at the airport to share a taxi. However, when I got there I received a text that she was running about an hour late. The funny thing is I was about an hour early.

As I paced the airport wondering if I should wait or go on my own, I realized that I never rode in a taxi by myself. (Now I’m really sharing with you how much of a small town girl I am) Anyway when I came to this realization I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone again and grab a cab.

me and art therese retreatWell obviously you can see that the trip began with loads of uncovering and discomfort – and the rest of the retreat didn’t disappoint. The theme was around being seen – and I must say that was totally what I needed.

The first full day was an entire day of shedding, unlayering and completely unraveling. Can you say tears and more tears?

Whew – and again it was EXACTLY what I needed.

From art work to vulnerability to business planning – I left feeling like a completely new person – with clarity, motivation and self confidence.

The point of all of this for you …

Well first and foremost – in order to fully show up in this world and in your business you are going to have to move out of that comfort zone. Even though you and I probably both know this – making yourself do it is a different story. However, I’m here to tell you that really pushing yourself – and I mean really pushing yourself out of comfort is truly transformational.

So if it feels like a discomfort – notice it and move through it. It is totally worth it!

Next stop hiding (which is actually part of the discomfort too). Give yourself and your clients the gift of showing up fully. Be you and share you and your gifts with the world. We are waiting for you!!

So I thank you Therese Skelly for an amazing retreat and for giving me a safe place to transform myself and my business.

How about you? Care to share? What have you noticed about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? I’d love to hear 🙂

Until next time …

Mwah –