Get Out From Behind Your Label!

I am feeling the need to have another heart to heart. If you haven't read my last post: Stop Hiding and Start Being, you might want to check it out, so that you can catch up.

I've had an incredible amount of feedback and thanks from that post. And the common theme revolves around all of us hiding-shielding the world of our true selves. Let me explain…

It doesn't matter if you are a coach, healer, artist, author, consultant, mom, wife or daughter, many of us are hiding behind our labels.

And more importantly, we don't even know that we are doing it.

Maybe this sounds familiar…

After doing some soul searching, you've decided that the perfect path for you and your future is to become a certified coach. You go through training, pass the exam, and are ready to hit the ground running. Your energy and enthusiasm is bleeding from your soul.

You put yourself out there to watch the clients begin rolling in and then–Bang! Absolutely nothing happens. Prospects aren't interested in what you have to offer and with each 'no' you become less and less confident. However, you are by no means ready to throw in the towel, so you begin putting on a facade, especially when people ask you how business is going. Your response–"Things are going great!"

Maybe then you decide to invest in some high end training. In fact after you don't see results from the first one, you may decide to try many others. However, eventually you realize that many of these programs are teaching the same thing–only labeled differently. So now what's the issue? Most likely you begin thinking that something is wrong with you.

However, you keep the facade going. Whether you are meeting someone face to face or updating your profile on social media, you are putting stuff out there that is all 'rainbows' and 'sunshine', right? I mean you are a coach for goodness sakes–everything needs to be perfect!

Has this happened to you?

Labels are everywhere.

And most often, it is us who are putting the labels on ourselves. If you are a mom, you are to portray a June Cleaver type parenting style. If you are a coach, you must have your shit together just like Tony Robbins. And if you are a healer or spiritual guide, you need to live life like Eckhart Tolle or Deepak Chopra.

Ridiculous, right? But so many people I talk to are doing just this–portraying their life so it fits into a mold.

Well right now I'm here to give you permission to STOP! Each one of us (including myself) are human. We have human experiences each and everyday, even the mentors we look up to.

It is okay to be you–even on Facebook. It is okay to share your struggles along with your successes! In fact, people will relate with you on a much deeper level when you do. More importantly, you can peel away the facade and share with the world the real YOU–the good, the bad and even the ugly!

Go ahead and shine, we are waiting.