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Step #3:  Get found by your ideal customer

So you have your ideal customer and a marketing message that is kick a&@, but if they can’t find you on the massive web, how is that going to help you or them?

It’s not! All that you will end up with is a great marketing message.

You can have all the great headlines you want and a message that is on target, but if your customers can find you, it doesn’t really matter.

Often this is where marketing courses fall short. You learn how to speak your true voice, market to your customer, and give all the features/benefits you can think of, but what about the search engines?

If Google, Bing, or Yahoo can’t find you, then how can your customers find you?

The biggest factor in growing your customer base through your website is adding content writing that search engines love!

Here are some steps to having search engines love your sight:

1. Find keywords your ideal customers are searching: When you search for a service or product online, typically you bring up your favorite search engine and type in a few words. This is exactly how your customers look for you. The key is, you need to discover these “keywords”.

How to find keywords:

  • Google Adwords – Register for this free tool and play around to find the keywords that are most often searched. You can click on the statistics and also the search to see what is coming up. Look for words that are often searched, but not too competitive. The key is to find a list of words that have a high search volume, but low competition.
  • Keyword Searching Products – There are several services that you can buy to help you find keywords for your site. Some offer a free trial for you to see if you like the service or not. Just do a search for these products and several will pop up.
  • Similar Sites – Look at sites that are similar to yours and are successful online. Read their copy and see if you can find the keywords your customers might be using to find them. Often if you look at the titles and headlines of the site, the keywords will be included at those places.

2. Use the keywords in your content writing: In order for the search engines to find you, you need to use the keywords in your content. A good rule of thumb is to use 2 or 3 keywords about 2 to 3% of the time.

Make sure that your keywords flow nicely in your content and don’t sound like you are just throwing them in there for search engines.

Keep in mind that you want to use these keywords in all of your online content, including social media.

After you have the keywords in place, make sure you have analytics set up on your site, so you can watch the results of each word. Look at it often and make the changes needed.

The key to using keywords on your site is to be sure you write content that speaks to your customer first, then you can add the keywords that are needed for the search engines.

Customers are always #1!

If you have any questions about simplifying your online content, I'd love to help. Comment below or you can come visit me on Facebook and ask your questions there.

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