If You Are Not Having Fun, You Are Doing It Wrong


Are you having fun creating your online presence?

Do you love updating your blog or managing your social media content?

If you are not having fun creating your content, then you are probably doing something wrong!

Chances are if you dread writing your next blog post or really don't have an idea on what to post on Facebook, then you are most likely putting too much pressure on yourself to be perfect.


STOP trying to be perfect and just be YOU!


It is call social media, you know? Be you and your fans will follow.

Whether you are looking to connect with new followers on your blog or build a social media empire, if you are not you, the words will show it. You may think it is easy to hide behind a computer and try to be something different – someone other than you, but the facts are people will know it. When you meet someone new who seems phoney or fake, you put yourself at a distance and don't really want to warm up to them – the same thing happens in the written word through your blog posts and social media content.

So stop! Let the real you shine through, so everyone can love you and cherish what you have to share with them. Don't be someone or something you are not – just be YOU!


I was recently prompted to share something personal about me on Facebook. It really sounded like a simple thing to do when I read it, but when I tried to come up with something it was really hard! The prompt got me thinking on how authentic I am online and my presence. I really didn't like what I discovered about myself. In the real world being authentic and real is something I pride myself on, but in the online world, I seem to create a disconnect.

So, with this discovery, I am making a commitment to change that, and I am going to try my hardest to pull down some walls and create the relationships I envision with all of you.

So who's in? I"m ready to practice what I preach – wanna join me? Let me know below or join me on Facebook and share something that we don't know about you! Have fun with it and let us all get to know the great and wonderful YOU!!

To Your Success,


P.S. And by the way, my something personal for today is that I secretly love the Bee Gees and Abba! Yeah, my world stops when any of their songs come on and I take a break from life and dance around the house!! There it is, out in the open 🙂


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