Facebook Promoted Posts: Worth It or Not?


Facebook promoted posts, ads, sponsored ads, OH MY!

Okay so you are up and running on Facebook, and then BAMM–changes happen again! How are you ever supposed to keep up? It can be so frustrating trying to learn how to use social media to grow a business, but when changes happen it can feel next to impossible.

The most recent change is one that hits hard. It has to do with the amount of fans that are now seeing your updates in their newsfeed. If you have fans that haven’t interacted for awhile or have forgotten about you, the chances of them actually seeing your posts are slim to none. For many that have adopted using Facebook pages as part of their content marketing plan, this can feel extremely frustrating.

But here’s the deal: You can get around it, if you pay a price.

At first this was extremely irritating to me–I mean Facebook is supposed to be free, right? However, when I got over my little pity party and realized that they are a business, and it doesn’t matter how much I don’t like the change, it changed–so I needed to too.

With this slight adjustment in attitude, I was able to alter my perspective to one of curiosity and excitement.

So here’s the deal: With my recent launch of my Online Marketing Boot Camp, I figured it was as good of a time as any to give promoted posts a try. And here’s what happened…

To begin with your promoted post on Facebook, you first need to find it:


As you can see from the image, the button for promotion is located in the bottom right corner of the post you want to promote. When you click on the button, you will see the box that pops up. From here you can decide if you want your post to show up in fan only newsfeeds or those that are also friends of your fans.

The next image is a picture of my first promoted post:



In this promotion I clicked on the fans and their friends choice. There are a few things to notice about this option. First my reach was the highest ever–over 2,500 people actually saw the post. Also, I received 42 likes on the post and several new page likes. Great, right? Well, although the numbers looks good, I did notice a lot of new likes from people outside of my country. Some of course were in my target market, but most I will probably never interact with again.

The other part to notice is the amount I paid for this promotion: $6.76! I was very surprised at how long this small amount of money lasted. Unlike Facebook ads that I’ve used in the past, my budget lasted much longer in the promoted post.

So then I tried a promotion with only my fans:



When you look at this example, you might think that this is not as good as the other example, but let me dig in a little deeper. So my reach was 480 people who saw this post and 369 of them were through the paid promotion. Keep in mind that these are only fans that saw the post.

Fans are people who already expressed an interest in my page and what is happening on that page. I have more clicks and interaction happening with my fans. I even had several sign ups for the boot camp, unlike the previous ad.

The point is, just because you are disgruntled and frustrated with the updates, life is all about change. Nothing stays constant and things are changing all around you. Play around with the changes as they come, making adjustments based on your results.

The quicker you adapt, no matter what it is, the more successful and peaceful you will become.


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