Effects of Social Media


What are the effects of social media on society, business, and just how we operate as humans?

Since the popularity of social media exploded, the argument on how it will impact interpersonal skills has been discussed. Even for me, I've been concerned for this generation of youngsters and if they will actually know how to communicate in person.

However, recently I was offered a perspective that I found unique and actually refreshing.

What if, social media actually changes how we interact with people?

What if, the use of social media helps us take down walls and judgements placed on others?

After I read this perspective, I decided that it made sense and one that I'm completely intrigued by.

Think about it this way, building relationships through Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform, starts with words.

Sure there are pictures, but first impressions are words-not how you dress, where you live, what you do for a living, how your voice sounds-it's just words.

Hmmm, deep, right?

Each and everyday, we are building relationships with people from our past, new friends from around the world, and small businesses we never would know about. We are seeing people for who they really are and making real connections.

Of course there are people out there using it for bad reasons, especially the bullies of the world. However, those that are looking for connection with others can find in through social media.

Where else can you find millions of people who are like minded and enjoy the same things as you?

What happens when the time comes to actually meet these new connections in person?

Personally, I feel the effects of social media will enable us to make lasting connections quickly and more authentically. For many of these new connection, they already know so much about you. The 1st impression judgements that may have prevented a relationship from forming in person aren't there.

So really, what are the effects of social media?

You decide how you want social media to become part of your life. Yes, it can take time out of your day, but if you are building it to create strong and satisfying relationships, go for it!

Whether you are in business or using it for social reasons, the fact remains, if you want to use the platforms for interaction, then be authentic and truly care about those you are connecting with each and everyday.

Then, watch the magic happen!

What are your thoughts? Comment below-I'd love to hear your perspective.

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