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When you wake up one day and everything changes …

What happens when the fun is gone …

This week was a week full of self-reflection for me. Actually, it started for me last week when I woke up with reflectionthe realization that I lost all the fun in my biz. And the thing is – this wasn’t like a sad reality – it was more like a matter of fact reality. Like the emotion to the situation was actually gone. Does that make sense?

So it started with that about a week ago. Then on Tuesday I woke up with the biggest ah-ha – you know the ones that make you absolutely laugh out loud …

After all these years, through the disappointments and the successes – I’ve created the wrong business.

I created a business based on what others said I “should” create. Shit! Seriously?

And here’s the funny part: I’ve been in business for about eight years, and during the last year or so I worked with people that wanted to get into alignment with their marketing. See the humor? Alignment is my thing. However, what I realized with my current biz is that I am totally misaligned – not with my marketing, but with my biz!

Wow. How in the world did that happen?

Seriously – sometimes it is amazing how blind we can be with our own stuff …

Here’s the thing though – I was and am so hesitant to send this information out to you. Why? I feel like I morph into something new in my biz about as often as I change my underwear. Well not really, but close.

However, I realized that is the misalignment. That is me moving away from what doesn’t feel right.

So what does feel right –

Well for starters – finding the FUN again and also finding what feels light verses heavy in my biz.

You know, being a business owner is seriously one of the greatest personal growth paths EVER! Growing a business makes you look at your shit. It comes up. And if we don’t explore it and move through it, well we may as well close up shop. Right?

And this is the piece that I adore. This is the piece I have ALWAYS adored – from Day Freaking 1! I love the transformation. I love the layers of the onion – even when they keep peeling and peeling and peeling. I love that stuff. And I shine here. Even better – I am no longer afraid that I shine here!

Sure marketing is fantastic and much needed for our business success.

However, for me, the work I want to put into the world (while having fun and keeping it light) – well marketing just isn’t deep enough. I want to go deeper.

And that’s where I am right now – ready to go deeper. Ready to bring in the FUN. Ready to bring a lightness to my biz. Ready to embrace alignment.

Who’s with me?

The Biggest Lie in the Coaching and Healing Business

So I’m going to out myself here …

As a coach working in the coaching and healing industry, I’ve fallen into the whole – what’s your big 23798541_swhy – idea. And while I totally believe in having a big why, I also believe in unfiltering your big why.

Let me explain a little deeper …

Today is back to school day here in Central, PA. This is one of those days in my biz that I love to take a little time for clarity. I often find that my biz goals can become a little cloudy over the summer months. So, I take this day to ground myself, focus my intentions and redefine some important goals.

When I was going through my list of questions to answer – questions that came to me during my morning meditation and journal time – the question that really made me stop was this: What is your biz and why are you doing it? What is your BIG why?

And the first answer that popped into my head was to make money.

Oh my gosh did I back peddle after that answer. I mean good heavens, I couldn’t possibly have a big why of making money, could I? How completely self absorbed, greedy and “uncoach” like. I need to have a big why of like world peace or healing the planet, right? (Hence the biggest lie we tell ourselves in this industry!)

I stopped and paid attention to this little inner battle that was beginning to take place inside of my head. And I did have a little chuckle at my own expense.

Here’s what I came up with –

I am in business to make money. As of today, I am owning this.


The purpose of having my business is to make money, so we can live life on our terms – so I can provide for my family. Without me making money, not only am I stressed out, I can’t help my clients share their gifts or help them heal the planet – I can’t help them live their BIG why.

This is a powerful shift for me.

It is also one that may not be accepted in the coaching/healing/spiritual biz world – however, this is what I am asking …

Whatever your big why – embrace it. Unfilter it. Allow it to be. Own it.

And for the big why of your fellow biz owners – allow them to own theirs. No judgement allowed.

So – go ahead and share it – what is your Big Why???

Until next time …





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So I’m curious – as a business owner do you ever stop and wonder why in the heck you are doing what you do?

I mean the stress, the worry, the long hours – is it really worth it?

I can’t tell you how many times that I’ve had this conversation with myself. From typing up an emailimageedit_3_9491835653 to my list to creating a marketing plan – some days it feels like none of it makes sense.

I mean seriously – how many emails do you receive in your inbox everyday from other business owners – claiming that their method is THE method to get you the “blank” that you desire (life, business, body, ect)?

So, how in the heck are we supposed to bring our passion out through all that noise? How can we share our unique skills, gifts and talents when it already feels like there is so much stuff out there?

I had this conversation with myself last week. As I was preparing to have a business training – the first one I’ve done in months, I found myself feeling deflated and frustrated that only about 30 people signed up for the training. I mean when I help my clients – they have hundreds if not thousands sign up.

After I stopped feeling sorry for myself – I really started to listen to what I was saying to myself.

“If you only have 30 people signed up, you will never have more than 3 on the call live.”

“If only 3 people are on the call live, no one will want to have a consult with you.”

“If no one wants to have a consult with you – than WTF are you doing this for.”

Then came the really hateful self talk …

“Why would anyone want to show up and listen to you anyway?”

“Who do you think you are?”

“You don’t really know what you are talking about, so no wonder people aren’t signing up.”

YIKES – talk about a WTF moment. Seriously!

It is amazing to me the hateful things we say to ourselves. Would we ever in a million years say anything like that to anyone else?


Lucky for me, I was paying attention. I noticed what I was doing and took a deep breath and turned the hatred into gratitude.

I had 30 people signed up for the call – THE MOST I’VE EVER HAD!! I didn’t care if any of them showed up live. I had a message I wanted to share and I was going to share it one way or another.

What happened?

I had about 10 people show up live and over half of the people that signed up listened to the replay. I had fantastic conversations with attendees and even had some people sign up for consults afterwards.

Was it a success?

In my book it was a huge success!!

To someone else – maybe not so much.

The point I’m trying to make is – you define your own success, as well as how you are going to get there. Having 30 people sign up for a call may be a disappointment for some people, but for others it may be a success.

It is so easy to compare where we are in our business with where others are in theirs. We quickly define our level of success by comparing what success means to someone else.

Sure having a 6-figure business is a great goal. However, since I am not there yet – does that mean I am not successful?

The point of all this –

Stop comparing yourself to others and define what success is to you – so you can celebrate each and every one that comes your way!!!

How about you – what success are you ready to celebrate? Share it below – I’d love to hear them 🙂



Why Isn’t My Marketing Working?

I have a secret to share with you …

I am scared to death about putting myself out there. Yep. Me – scared, shaking and always ready to unclearretreat to my “safe” place.

There it is! I said it.

Here’s the thing – I can help my clients be seen with their marketing like nobody’s business. But when it comes to me and my business – well, I’d much rather hide.

I’d much rather stay behind the scenes to protect myself from disappointment or even worse rejection. God forbid if someone doesn’t sign up for something or says no to working with me (note sarcasm here).


Is that the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard? I’m a marketing coach – for goodness sakes!!

But in reality – am I alone in thinking this way?

The thing is there is always something to be afraid of – the fear of the great unknown …

Our ego wants to keep us safe, in the safe zone – where we know exactly what the outcome will be (or we think we do anyway) – even if the outcome is unwanted. Really – how messed up is that?

I see it with myself. I see it with my colleagues. I see it with my clients. We repeat the same patterns over and over again – sometimes without even knowing it.

And I’m here today to tell you that it is time to step out – out into the deep, dark abyss.

People are ready to meet you. People are waiting for what you offer. We are doing a DIS-service to those that are waiting by hiding and playing small.

So, are you ready?

Is it time to step out and take a stand for YOU?!

Maybe if we do it together it won’t be so scary? Or maybe if we just do it, we will realize that our fears were absolutely ridiculous?

Part of my stepping out party is a free marketing training I’m doing next week: How to Solve the Mystery of Marketing Online Once and For All.

I would absolutely LOVE to have you join me for this training –

Especially if you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your marketing. There will be loads of information and time for questions too!!!

So if you are really ready to put yourself out there in a BIG way by learning the mystery of marketing, be sure to register for the training here:

And in the meantime – here’s to stepping out!!! The world is waiting for you. Now, how are you going to make it happen?

Until next time …




So, how’s your summer treating you so far? Yeah it has only been a few days, but here in Central PA – they have been ideal – sunshine, warm and no humidity. I’ll take it!

Anyway, this week I wanted to talk to you a little bit about that screeching halt you may sometimes feel in your business. You know what I mean, right? You are chugging along and everything is going great. Then you decide to make a plan to move yourself even further along. The plan sounds perfect and exciting, however before you know it do it anywayyou stop taking action.

Know what I mean – or is it just me?

You put the brakes to it – the screeeeeeech.

And you know what is even crazier – sometimes we don’t even know that we slammed on those breaks. It might be disguised with statements like:

  • I don’t know what marketing platform to use
  • I need my website to be perfect
  • I absolutely must have a bigger list
  • There isn’t enough time in the day to work “on” my business
  • I’ll wait until summer is over

Whatever the heck your excuse is – because really if you aren’t taking action there is some kind of excuse behind it – take some time to discover what it is that you continue to say to yourself.

Look – seriously – I can give excuses with the best of them. In fact, I continue to do it on a regular basis. If you remember a few emails ago I talked about the retreat I recently attended. Well I left there with a plan – a 90 day plan to move my business forward. And do you know how far I am into that plan (it’s been 60 days by the way) – I’m 30 days into it.


Because of those excuses – like the kids are getting out of school soon, I’m heading on vacation, I have too much client work to do – that list goes on and on and on some more.

But guess what I recently discovered …

Those excuses have nothing to do with the underlying cause of my persistent procrastination –

It really is all about fear – fear of failure, fear of putting myself out there, fear of disappointment. That fear is always the cause of that screeeeeeeech! However, I am the only one that can move past it.

You know what they say – “feel the fear and do it anyway”…

So who’s with me on this one? Who is ready to acknowledge the fear, kick the excuses to the curb, and move through the fear and make something happen?

Let me know – I’d love to support you ask you walk this journey.

Let’s do this thing!

Until next time.

Mwah …


Get the Heck Out of that Comfort Zone

Hey you – yeah you – let me ask you a question …

Are you truly sharing you in your business?

Or are you really hiding?

Yeah so you might be asking yourself – what in the world is Gretchen talking about now. But let me tell you a little story.

I recently went to a retreat in Arizona for my business. The transformation for me that resulted from this retreat started me theresethe moment I made the decision to go. You see for me – and this is a big share for me – but I don’t like to wonder too far away from home. I am really a home body. I enjoy being where I’m comfortable – around my family and close friends.

For this reason I never go away on business retreats or live events. And making the decision to go to Arizona was a HUGE one for me. I mean not only was I leaving the comfort of my home, I was traveling across the country by myself.

However, I knew that there was something that was going to transform for me during this trip. And that meant that I had to go. I was ready.

Of course I was a nervous wreck traveling by myself. While I was on the plane I had a really big moment – I realized that this was the first time and I mean absolute FIRST time I was traveling on a plane FOR ME – and only me.


The ah – ha’s continued to happen for me and this was only on the trip there. The next big one was when I landed. I was meeting one of the women that was attending at the airport to share a taxi. However, when I got there I received a text that she was running about an hour late. The funny thing is I was about an hour early.

As I paced the airport wondering if I should wait or go on my own, I realized that I never rode in a taxi by myself. (Now I’m really sharing with you how much of a small town girl I am) Anyway when I came to this realization I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone again and grab a cab.

me and art therese retreatWell obviously you can see that the trip began with loads of uncovering and discomfort – and the rest of the retreat didn’t disappoint. The theme was around being seen – and I must say that was totally what I needed.

The first full day was an entire day of shedding, unlayering and completely unraveling. Can you say tears and more tears?

Whew – and again it was EXACTLY what I needed.

From art work to vulnerability to business planning – I left feeling like a completely new person – with clarity, motivation and self confidence.

The point of all of this for you …

Well first and foremost – in order to fully show up in this world and in your business you are going to have to move out of that comfort zone. Even though you and I probably both know this – making yourself do it is a different story. However, I’m here to tell you that really pushing yourself – and I mean really pushing yourself out of comfort is truly transformational.

So if it feels like a discomfort – notice it and move through it. It is totally worth it!

Next stop hiding (which is actually part of the discomfort too). Give yourself and your clients the gift of showing up fully. Be you and share you and your gifts with the world. We are waiting for you!!

So I thank you Therese Skelly for an amazing retreat and for giving me a safe place to transform myself and my business.

How about you? Care to share? What have you noticed about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone? I’d love to hear 🙂

Until next time …

Mwah –