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You Are Unique & So Is Your Biz

Take a minute to think about this question …

How many programs, templates, blueprints, one size fits all products have you purchased to help you with your marketing?

Yeah – I just went there …outsourcing social media doesn't work

Seriously, take a look at that number. I know for me it is high – much higher than I’d ever want to admit. And I can also tell you that I have not experienced a return on my investment. In fact sometimes, when I tried to implement some of the “fool-proof” tactics, I didn’t have anyone, not one person, bought.

How about you – how’s your return on investment?

I’m totally not asking you these questions to get you down. That’s not my intention at all.

I just want you to think about something …

What if, just want if, these guaranteed programs and products are just not built for us?

Sometimes, at least for me and for my clients, we know that something feels wrong with these methods. However, because they are taught by successful people, we keep implementing them, even though they make us feel like crap inside.

Has this ever happened to you?

So, let me ask you this –

Say you went to a doctor – whether they were traditional or holistic – and they gave you medicine or a supplement to help with your allergies …

And you took that medicine exactly as prescribed. You took it once a day, with food and whatever other types of guidelines there were – in other words, you followed that prescription step by step.

After about a week or so, you realized that what you were taking wasn’t working. You were still not sleeping due to congestion, your eyes were watery and you even had a bit of an upset stomach after taking the medicine.

However, because it was an expert that gave you the medicine, you kept right on taking it, despite the crappy results.

Fast forward a few months …

You are still taking the pills, still feeling like crap and extremely agitated and frustrated because it just isn’t working.

Here’s the crossroads …

Do you keep taking the pill or is this particular prescription NOT right for you and your unique body chemistry – and you need to do something different?

So of course this is medicine and health – but couldn’t this be the same with our businesses too? Aren’t we all programmed differently? Could it be possible that some marketing methods just won’t work for us?

The question is – can you see the misalignment and are you willing to go another way?

If your interest is now peaked – join me on Saturday, October 17th at 10 AM ET, on a free webinar – where we will be going into detail about why this misalignment is happening and what to do about it.

You can check out the information here: Why Your Online Marketing is Driving You Nuts.

I’d absolutely love to have you there and support you through this journey!!

Until next time.



Order Up: Your Dream Clients

Do you believe that marketing plays a role in the type of clients you attract to your business?

I know I sure do – and let me tell you that for me, when my marketing is misaligned, I end up doing arestaurant whole lotta attracting the WRONG clients.

How do I know this?

Well for starters, it is important to know whether or not a client is right for you.

Signs they are horribly wrong:

  • They don’t align with your price (aka asking for discounts)
  • They completely drain your energy
  • They don’t respect your time
  • You absolutely dread, and I mean dread, getting on the phone with them
  • You are frustrated beyond belief with them and don’t know why
  • They ask for refunds or don’t work through the process
  • They blame you when things don’t go right

Okay – sure this list may be a little dramatic, but I hate to admit that I’ve had a few clients like this along the way.

Here’s the thing I know…

If my marketing is aligned with the real me and not the “fake” me that many of the “gurus” tell me I needed to be, these energy draining, misaligned clients wouldn’t even bat an eye my way. I wouldn’t even be on their radar.

When you speak – I mean truly speak to a someone’s soul – the right people come to you. The perfect matches.

I was making a list of my ideal client traits the other day and while I was writing, it felt like I was writing a help wanted ad or placing an order at a restaurant.

Take a peak at my ideal client brain dump from this week:

Have a website
Email list of at least 500
Have a VA or at least know how or have the time to implement themselves
Truth Guide
Loves to brainstorm

Order Up!!

And it got me thinking …

What items on this list are non-negotiable? And I mean, absolutely, positively – no matter how much of a cash slump I’m in, will not bring them on as a client – non-negotiable.

When I asked myself this, it became crystal clear, who I would and wouldn’t work with.

Pretty fun exercise.

Try it and let me know how it goes.

And if you really want help with your online marketing strategy so you can “order up” your dream clients, let’s chat. Go here to make that happen.

Why Isn’t My Marketing Working?

I have a secret to share with you …

I am scared to death about putting myself out there. Yep. Me – scared, shaking and always ready to unclearretreat to my “safe” place.

There it is! I said it.

Here’s the thing – I can help my clients be seen with their marketing like nobody’s business. But when it comes to me and my business – well, I’d much rather hide.

I’d much rather stay behind the scenes to protect myself from disappointment or even worse rejection. God forbid if someone doesn’t sign up for something or says no to working with me (note sarcasm here).


Is that the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever heard? I’m a marketing coach – for goodness sakes!!

But in reality – am I alone in thinking this way?

The thing is there is always something to be afraid of – the fear of the great unknown …

Our ego wants to keep us safe, in the safe zone – where we know exactly what the outcome will be (or we think we do anyway) – even if the outcome is unwanted. Really – how messed up is that?

I see it with myself. I see it with my colleagues. I see it with my clients. We repeat the same patterns over and over again – sometimes without even knowing it.

And I’m here today to tell you that it is time to step out – out into the deep, dark abyss.

People are ready to meet you. People are waiting for what you offer. We are doing a DIS-service to those that are waiting by hiding and playing small.

So, are you ready?

Is it time to step out and take a stand for YOU?!

Maybe if we do it together it won’t be so scary? Or maybe if we just do it, we will realize that our fears were absolutely ridiculous?

Part of my stepping out party is a free marketing training I’m doing next week: How to Solve the Mystery of Marketing Online Once and For All.

I would absolutely LOVE to have you join me for this training –

Especially if you are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with your marketing. There will be loads of information and time for questions too!!!

So if you are really ready to put yourself out there in a BIG way by learning the mystery of marketing, be sure to register for the training here:

And in the meantime – here’s to stepping out!!! The world is waiting for you. Now, how are you going to make it happen?

Until next time …



Marketing Tip: How You Show Up Means Everything

Regardless of whether you are doing an email newsletter, networking or social media – how you women looking upshow up in each piece of marketing can mean the difference between falling flat or totally rocking it. However, how do you know what to do? How do you know if your plan is going to work or not?

The answer – Be You!!

Let’s take social media for example – in fact let’s take Facebook since this is what most everyone wants to talk about …

How do you be you while trying to promote yourself on a Facebook fan page?

Here’s a little secret – if you are like most heart and soul biz owners, people want to know the real you. They want to connect with who you are – especially on social media.

Facebook gives your connections a peek into your world – a peek into what it is like to be you. As a healer, coach or other type of spiritual entrepreneur, this is key to Facebook success.

Sure you can post all the tools, tips and quotes you want. And sure they may get some attention, but the real key is to show them you.

Let’s break it down a little more …

Many of you know that I recently became certified in the Archetype Alignment Grid. This allows me to help my clients really figure out how their natural way of being affects their marketing.

For example, there are 4 natural styles: Guru Stars, Truth Guides, Connectors and Supporters.

Most of my clients fall under the Truth Guide category – in case you were wondering 😉

Anyway – how each of these natural styles uses social media is completely different.

A Guru Star’s main goal is to provide solutions for their client’s problems. They tell them what to do to get the results they want. To be successful on Facebook a Guru Star can showcase their “I know best” approach. People want to see their lux lifestyle, their big promises and their huge successes.

On the other hand a Truth Guide’s main goal is to empower their client’s into finding a solution that works for them. They are very trustworthy and are there to guide people into finding their truth. Truth Guides are successful on Facebook when they are honest with how things are going. Like if they have a bad day – it is okay to share it. People want to relate to Truth Guides, so being real is important.

Connectors are just want they say they are – they know everyone and absolutely love connecting people with solutions. They are much happier selling someone else’s programs or products than selling their own. If they use this natural connecting ability on Facebook – they will be more successful. If you are a connector, become a resource for those you know. Sign up as an affiliate and share, share share 🙂

Finally supporters, they are the backbone of a business. Successful businesses cannot run without supporters. They are behind the scenes and ready to help in an instant. Facebook is a great way for supporters to connect with people that need you and to showcase your work. Whether you are a designer, copywriter, VA – show off your work on Facebook and let people know you are available for hire!!

Of course these are just the beginning steps of the Archetype Alignment Grid – but can you see how your natural style – and showing up in that style can really make a difference in your marketing success?

To learn more or to discover your Marketing Archetype, just click here: Archetype Alignment Kit.

Also – I’d love to hear from you – what have you found that really changes when you fully show up in your marketing?

Until next time …




Trust and Honesty in Marketing – Does it Exist?

So I am a member of a marketing mastermind group. Now before you roll your eyes about this – know that this group is unlike any other I’ve been a part of. We don’t like to follow the rules, in Honest Marketingfact we are really big on bending them and sometimes even breaking them 🙂

Today’s call was all about trust and honesty in marketing, inspired from this article: 7 Ways to Be Insanely Honest in Your Marketing. And I must say – even as I write this article posting the link to this blog, there is a voice in my head saying, “Keep them on YOUR page. Don’t let them click that link and move away from YOUR site”. ..

This is exactly what we were talking about today.

All of the rules, tricks, tactics that we learned over the years have become part of our everyday marketing dialog. What if, just what if – we took down the facade and became honest in our marketing.

Like are any of you really tired of the whole “let’s make everyone think that our webinar is LIVE when it really isn’t by having them pick a date and time” tactic.

Or the “we need to make a no brainer $7 product, so people train themselves to buy from you” method.

And my favorite, “we need to make big promises like make six figures in 10 days or get 10,000 on your list by tomorrow” sales pages.

What if instead there was another way…

What if I wrote a blog post about the many sleepless nights I’ve had as a biz owner wondering how I would find my next client.

Or if we had a conversation about how there might be another person that is better suited to help you with your marketing than me.

Or even being transparent on how a new product promotion totally sucked!

What if … just what if …

Are we ready for that type of marketing? Is it time for a new way of doing things?

I think so! My mastermind group thinks so too.

That’s why we are starting a new challenge – A 30 Day Honest Marketing Challenge.

During this challenge – we are going to be honest in our marketing. This means, no inflated hype, no fake social media post and certainly no slimy marketing tactics.

We are ready for something REAL. Something that feeds our souls and connects us all on a much deeper level.

If you want to join us – we’d love to have you. All you need to do is make the commitment with yourself and start spreading around the hashtag, #honestmarketing.

As one of our group members, Kathy Sipple said, “Honest Marketing, it is not just a hashtag, it’s a lifestyle!”

Love this quote – it is a lifestyle (at least one I am striving for 🙂 Would absolutely love your thoughts too on this thing called honest marketing 🙂

Does Cookie Cutter Marketing Work?

If you’ve been around the block a time or two as a business owner, you have probably run into plenty 18186525_sof blueprints, templates and step by step systems to help you in your marketing. And chances are – if you are anything like me and 90% of the other coaches, healers and other heart and soul based biz owners out there – you probably bought several of these products or programs.

In fact if I’m being totally honest here – I have a bookshelf full of them and my computer is running out of space from downloads …

However, my question to you is, do these “cookie cutter” type blueprints and templates actually work for everyone’s marketing?

Have you had success with them?

I’ll tell you that for me – not so much …

I mean sure I have some results, but more often than not they are short lived and not sustainable.

But why?

Here’s my theory (which led to my newest certification) …

Just like everything else in life, each and every one of use is unique and different. We have our own personalities, appearances and needs – for goodness sakes even something as small as our fingerprints are unique.

So why is it that we think we can use a blanket template or system to create a successful business?

Just because something worked for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for you. In fact, just because it worked for a hundred people doesn’t mean it will work for you. Sure there are parts of it that may work – but the key is finding what part!

Of course I’ve had this theory for a while now; however, earlier this year I saw it completely laid out in the Archetype Alignment Grid™. This grid completely brought my theory to life. It helped me truly understand why one marketing tool works for one person, while not for another one.

As soon as I laid my eyes on this grid, I had to find out how I could share it with my clients – hence my new certification.

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I am now a Certified Ambassador for the Archetype Alignment Grid™. This means I can help my clients find a name for their unique archetype AND create marketing pipelines that WORK based on who they are.

So what – you might say?

Once you are able to discover your archetype and create pipelines based on this information, your marketing gets into alignment with who you are. When this occurs you become extremely attractive to your ideal clients and you have way more fun in your business!!!

Want to learn more about the Archetype Alignment Grid™ and how it might benefit you and your business?

Let’s set up a time to chat! Fill out this request and we will make it happen: Request a chat!

So how about you – do you think that cookie cutter approaches work in marketing? Have they worked for you?


I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment or share and let’s get the discussion going!!