Can a tie-dye addiction be good for business?

I'm kind of a tie-dye addict. Ok, not kind of…but, actually, a tie-dye addict. My Husband and I have a closet full of tie-dye. I have tie-dye socks and pajamas as well. We even have tie-dye bath towels (pictured on the left). Tie-dye is a big deal for us. I’ve even tie-dyed my website and have a tie-dye logo. Yes, I know it seems crazy, but it's our favorite color. Ok, it's not "technically" a color. I don't care. It's my favorite color anyway.


What's so special about tie-dye, anyway?

It's unique! That's what we love about it. Every hand-dyed tie-dye shirt has a unique pattern. Hubby and I go to street fairs & festivals to get our tie-dye from different vendors.  Every tie-dye vendor has a very different set of tie-dye patterns & colors. My fave is a primary color swirl. I have multi-colored shirts with that pattern/color. No two are the same. Each one has it's own look. I choose them based on the look I find most interesting.  

So, what does this have to do with marketing?   

Two things:

No two shirts are exactly the same. No two business owners are the same either. Just like every tie-dye shirt has it's own combination of colors & patterns, you have your own, unique, combination of marketing strategies that fit for you. You also have your own, unique, way of thinking about marketing and getting it done. When you trust in your, unique, marketing plan, marketing is peaceful, easy and it can actually be (dare I say?) fun. So, you need to build your "Inner Trust".  

Finding a new pattern that catches your eye is worth the money every time.

Tie-dye shirts cost more than regular t-shirts. Hubby and I are willing to spend the extra cash for something unique. The same with potential clients. They will spend the money to get a unique approach to their problem. It's easier to trust in someone who has a new solution than it is to trust in someone who sounds like everyone else. That's building "Outer Trust".

So, the key here is to trust your uniqueness and capitalize on it to stand out so others trust you too.  So, what are your tie-dye marketing strategies and attraction factor?

You are as unique as tie-dye. Find your tie-dye, trust in it and use it.

Kristen is the Trust-Building In Marketing Expert who helps coaches, massage therapists and other heart-based entrepreneurs combine their uniqueness with real world marketing strategies. To learn more about how Inner and Outer Trust are connected to marketing, sign up for Kristen’s Free “Trust Talks” series at The next one occurs on March 27th, which is The Personal Values and Inner Trust Connection.