What Politicians Can Learn About Building Customer Relationships

Are politicians clueless about building customer relationships?

Happy Election Day for those in the United States!

If you are luck many people I've talked to, you are glad this day has finally arrived. No more hateful political ads and the obnoxious phone calls are about to stop. From social media to everyday chatter, the complaints about the push for the next president is nasty this year.

There has even been an increase of individuals stating they are not going to vote because of all the phone calls–or even more interesting, voting for the other party.

So, why such a big disconnect from candidates and building relationships with the voters? If the people are complaining, why do they continue to push?

5 Things Politicians Need to Learn About Building Customer Relationships

1. Stop the hate. Trying to win over a prospect based on hate is a huge turnoff for many customers. Build value based on listening to your customers and providing them the solutions they need to hear–real tangible solutions.

2. Shut up and listen. Stop talking just for a little while and listen to those around you. There is so much value and information in silence. Pay attention to the emotions and feelings that are present in your customers.

3. It's not about you. Why so many 'I' statements? Stop talking about you all the time and start focusing on the people who are supporting you or wondering if they should support you.

4. Be a real person. When you are fake, people can see right through it. Be real and authentic, so people can truly see who you are. Don't be kind only when the photographers are ready for a photo op.

5. Give before asking to receive. Before asking for an action on the part of a prospect, give first. Provide value so you can begin to earn the trust of those you are connecting with.

Whether you are a politician or a business owner, your prospects are seeking something more than you talking and selling. Build relationships with your customers and listen to their needs. Regardless of if you are making a phone call or connecting through social media, provide value before asking for anything in return.

And by the way, next time there is a President election, I'm disconnecting my phone!