Meet Gretchen

outside pic me largeIntuitive Business Coach & Reiki Master

Mom, business owner, intuitive business coach, Reiki Mater, wife – how many hats do you wear?

Being a business owner was something I always dreamed about – especially when my kids were born. I wanted to be able to stay home with them and enjoy their younger years.

However, there was a different plan for me. One that that involved relocating, working in an unfulfilling career and finding myself through spirituality.

Things don’t always work out as we plan.

When I first decided to look into starting a business, I was researching at a lot of MLM kind of companies. I was young and really didn’t care or even know about fulfillment or purpose. I wasn’t on a path of spiritual growth at that point – I just wanted to stay home with my babies.

Of course none of these worked out and instead I landed a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep. We relocated our family for the job, which was a pivotal step in my journey.

Now this was a dream job for me (or so I thought).

And as it turned out – the actual job wasn’t very dreamy but the path it led me on took me to discovering my myself and my purpose. For that – I am forever grateful.

The actual job kinda was a soul sucker for me.

I hated it all (minus the money and the flexibility). It completely deprived me of me. There was a huge disconnect between my soul and the work I was doing. But I didn’t know how to get out.

Cue life coaching …

I stumbled upon life coaching and quickly fell in love with it. I decided to hire a coach to help me figure out what in the heck was missing from my life and what I was going to do about it!

This is where my spiritual awakening really began.

Prior to this I had no idea about the law of attraction or meditation – let alone connecting with guides or healing your life. Seriously, it was all so new to me – but then again felt so at home too.

It didn’t take me long to learn that I wanted to become a coach. I decided to enroll into a training program and the rest was history – well at least some kind of history 😉

Sure I still had my full time job, but I was beginning to feel that I had a purpose – for once in my life.

I wish I could say that growing my coaching practice happened like magic – that I quickly attracted clients to me and was able to quit my job. However, that was not the case – I took the long road for sure, with tons of lessons to learn along the way.

It didn’t take long for me realize that I had no clue about business, especially marketing myself. In fact when I think back about the stuff I did, it makes me cringe – you know like adding people to an email list without permission, promoting on social media all the time – geeze it is a wonder I still have friends 😉

I quickly realized that I needed some training.

I started taking course after course that promised to make me successful. I implemented and failed each time. And with each failure I felt my dream slip further and further away.

Then I was laid off due to a downsizing and I had to come face to face with HAVING to be successful.

Cue fear …

Yes, this is where fear jumped in and never wanted to leave. I allowed fear to completely stop me in my tracks and move me into a new direction – a safer direction.

I started doing some copywriting and social media management for clients and ended up being pretty successful. However, similar to the pharma job – this business was taking me further away from my soul – from my purpose.

Cue crossroads …

I reached a point where I had to make a pretty big business decision – continue on a path that was not fulfilling but successful or risk it and move towards what fueled me and my soul and had an uncertainty of success.

Deep down I knew what the answer was – but it was up to me to move through the fear and make things happen.

Now again, I wish that I could say this part of the story was super easy too – that when I made the decision everything just fell into place. However, it wasn’t always roses and Bon Bons – that’s for sure!

Cue Reiki and energy healing …

This part was the biggest piece of my spiritual development – this was where I came face to face with me, my guides and my soul.

This was the part where I thought that maybe I was a little crazy or that people wouldn’t like me or get me.

It was hard – I am not going to lie –

However, Reiki changed everything for me. Through this work, I opened up channels that I never even knew existed. And what I discovered was that when I surrounded myself with the right support and focused on taking care of me, things shifted.

For the first time, I became super clear on what I wanted and what I needed to do next to make it happen.

Cue euphoria …

Yes the clarity was blissful –

I can’t say that I ever felt that kind of bliss before – when you feel unstoppable and you see a clear path to move forward.

When fear doesn’t hold you back.

When worries seem like a part of your history, not your current reality …

Now I am not saying that the fog or fear didn’t show up again.

Of course it did – it always does – that’s part of life.

However, because of the work I did on myself, the tools I use and the support I surround myself with, it is much easier to take care of me and gain the clarity I need to move through the fear and towards my goals.

And that’s why I am here today – to help you tame the inner conflicts, to live your soul’s purpose and to find a path that fuels you – so you can bring your bigger vision into reality and create a spiritual business that is aligned with your truest desires..

If you are ready to get started, on getting your inner conflicts under control, learn more about my FREE Taming Your Inner Conflicts Sessions by clicking the button below.

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