A Square Peg. A Round Hole. A Business.

Recently, I had a client contact me that was looking for help with her social media marketing. She was scared about putting herself out there – especially on Facebook and was looking for guidance and support.business style

Her main complaint and worry – She felt like FB just wasn’t for her. However, because her ideal clients were there, she made it part of her business plan. (She is a healer and a ton of her people are on FB, especially in a few groups).

Oh and by the way – if you are a healer or other type of heart and soul centered biz owner, it is not unusual for you to really dislike FB and social media. Whether it is too much negative energy or “small talk” – it can feel like a drag – unless you change it up a bit!!

But I digress …

Anyway, why was this particular client having such a hard time with social media? Well she was trying to fit into everyone other person’s mold. You know the whole square peg in a round hole thing.

She was trying to do everything like she was taught or like she observed others doing.

Sure I could have added to her frustration by giving her “to do” steps like posting this many times a day or doing this in FB groups or creating FB ads…

However, this wasn’t at all what she needed.

Time and time again I see biz owners, especially healers and coaches spend time on social media doing exactly like what everyone else does. And for some people this will work – especially if your biz style is a Guru Star doing what other Guru Stars are doing (find out your biz style here: http://gretchenpritts.com/kit/).

But …

For the rest of us, well this copycat step by step solution model leads to frustration, burnout and eventually tossing in the towel.

The thing is, it is easy to learn the skills – regardless if those skills are social media, time management, networking – whatever business skills you want to learn, the skills are the easy part. However, unless you take the time to really understand the why behind the skills – your why – you are most likely going to be disappointed in your results and experience.

So what did we do …

We created a new mold – just for her. One that was uniquely hers. One that felt really great to her, was in alignment with her business and was easy to follow.

And what happened …

Well the last I talked to her, she was absolutely loving FB. She was enjoying her time there making some fantastic biz relationships and connecting with her ideal clients daily.

Lol, when we had our last conversation she told me I was the social media whisperer –

I had a big chuckle with that one.

In all seriousness, it doesn’t matter what piece of your biz that you are working on, if you aren’t doing it as you, in your mold, it isn’t going to fit. Sure it may work, but it just won’t feel right.

Go to the feeling – that is the sustaining piece. The piece where everything feels aligned and makes you want to keep going.

Create your mold first – in any part of your business (and seriously don’t be stingy with your demands – know what you want that mold to look and feel like).

Then, have fun putting the pieces of your biz into that mold!! Remember, if it doesn’t fit – adjust and tweak until the fit is a perfect match!!

What part of your biz isn’t fitting into the mold? Leave a comment below and let me know!! I’d love to hear.

Until next time…




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