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You can fall in love with your marketing and experience the results you desire.

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Is it possible to get results & market mindfully?

We are constantly bombarded with hype marketing.

Stuff like …

Fill your practice in 30 days with high paying clients …

Make $10,000 a month starting now by following this simple step by step system …

Triple your list in less than 30 days …

Maybe you’ve bought into a few of these systems, templates or quick fixes, but …

Something just isn’t clicking.

Either you’ve tried them with little success or you are so extremely overwhelmed with all the information that you don’t know where to turn next.

So let me ask you …

Do you know that you have gifts to offer this world but are holding yourself back because you are confused by the steps you should take?

If so – welcome – I’m Gretchen and I’m thrilled to have you here!


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Want to learn more about me? Discover how I found my authentic voice and how my passion for your gifts fuels my energy! (hint – there were tons of twists and turns along the way, lol).

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Guided Marketing Cafe

Grab a Cup of Joe or your favorite morning breakfast and over the next 30 days, let’s change how you market your business. Join us in the Guided Marketing Cafe – A 30 Day Journey into the Mindfulness of Marketing.

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What Gretchen's Clients Have to Say

Feel the love ...

““I’m so happy we are working together! Thanks so much Gretchen. You are awesome.”

Eram Saeed: From Heartache to Joy

“Thank you so much, Gretchen. You were a pleasure to work with. I appreciate how service-oriented you are and felt that throughout the entire time we worked together.”

Sharla Jacobs: Thrive Academy Co-Founder

“Gretchen is the first social media strategist that has EVER helped us to consistently bring in ideal clients.  I recommend here to all of my clients. Take any chance you can to work directly with her.”

Kelly O’Neil: Creator of Marketing to Millionaires

“Thank you for making my life SO much easier! I love working with someone so competent and trustworthy…Thank you.”

Carol Look: EFT Master

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