Hello Reiki Practitioners, Energy Healers and all you Spiritual Entrepreneurs out there!

Welcome – I am absolutely thrilled to have you here.

I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of all the hype marketing that is out there. Chances are if you’ve been around the Internet world for any length of time – you most likely know what I’m talking about …

Fill your practice in 30 days with high paying clients …

Make $10,000 a month starting now by following this simple step by step system …

Triple your list in less than 30 days …

And the hype goes on and on and on.

You know what I’m talking about? Are you tired of it?

If you are like many of the spiritual entrepreneurs I work with, chances are you’ve heard a few of these a time or two. You may even have a few boxed business success systems sitting on your shelf.

However, something just isn’t clicking, right?

Either you’ve tried the boxed business systems with little success or you just aren’t finding the right support or guidance to get you where you want your business to go.

Let me ask you this …

Do you know that you have gifts to offer this world, but are confused by the steps you should take?

Are you ready to up your game in your business and your success?

Are you looking for more exposure so you can help more people?

If any of these sound like you then keep on reading.

Here’s the thing about us – spiritual entrepreneurs – we are different then other types of business owners. Not only do we want a successful business – more importantly we want to help – and in a BIG way. We feel called to help others and play a part in healing this planet.

We are so much more than the bottom line.

So why don’t big boxed business success systems work for us?

Because they aren’t coming from us – from our heart and soul.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, things have got to feel right. We need to be authentic and real. Often these systems are produced for the masses. They can feel cold, inauthentic and sometimes a little slimy.

Do they help businesses make money?

Of course they do.

Do they help spiritual entrepreneurs make money – um – not so much.

So what in the heck does work for us spiritual business owners?

We need some soul.

We need authenticity.

We need to keep it real.

We need connection.

We need from the heart.

Okay – so I hear you – you might be wondering if this way of marketing actually works, right?

Well I’m here to tell you that for us – it may be the only thing that works … at least when it comes to building a business that we love, connects us to the right clients, and allows us to do our part in healing our planet.

Maybe we haven’t met yet – my name is Gretchen Pritts. I am a Certified Coach and Reiki Master. If you are interested in reading my whole story – you can check it out here: Meet Gretchen.

However, if you just want the short version here goes …

Let’s just say I’ve been in business for awhile – over seven years to be exact. And as my business began to really grow, so did my need for additional support and help. So, I enlisted the help of a coach to brand my business.

Um, long story very short – we were going in a direction that felt completely wrong for me from day 1 – but …

I kept going with it.


Because they were the “expert”, right?

Yeah, I was feeling less than confident, because branding wasn’t my thing. So I did exactly as I was told. And guess what? Well, I actually got a few new clients – yay. And they were completely WRONG for me – boo.

So what happened next?

Well one fired me – you can read more about that here: http://gretchenpritts.com/customer-always-right-call-bs/.

And another didn’t get the results that we set out to achieve – which had me in a massive ball of stress.


Because I was going in a direction that wasn’t right for my business. It didn’t feel right.

I wasn’t aligned. I wasn’t me!

So I put the brakes on – stopped the branding – and took back the control of my direction.

And guess what happened after that?

Yeah – I had my first ever five figure month!

I like to call that, “my sign”.

Fast forward to today …

I’m working with clients that I adore – helping them be seen, share their message and create the successful business they envision. And I’m LOVING every minute of it.

And why does this mean anything to you?

Well if you are searching for help and support in sharing your gifts, creating success and making an impact, you are in the right place.

Here’s how to get started. First, if you haven’t done so, be sure to grab your complimentary
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Next, learn how you can totally create the business you envision by clicking on the box below that fits your current needs.

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